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    These days I absolutely love watching the AEW Dynamite episodes. The matches, vibe and energy in the stadium to me is so amazing! The appeal is so much more here. Also, the fans with all the posters instantly take me back to the WWF days, watching wrestling in my growing up years, very cool! Retro goodness. Cody Rhodes is fantastic! Also, Britt Baker... Going back to RAW and SD I just don't feel the same these days. Everything feels so diluted and boring. Don't get drawn in at all. Somehow they even managed to kill the entire excitement about "The Fiend" thing as well. Meh. Also, that entire feud they have going between Strowman and Tyson Fury for Crown Jewel seems such utter BS.
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    Captain America with a hattrick!!!!
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    Is this the new switch based on Mariko chipset or the old one? And have fun with BoTW. Easily one of the best games ever made for me Edit: Just saw the box. It is the newer revision! Have fun man
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    I had played Witcher 1 for a dozen or so hours when it was released. Was more into shooters that time so found it boring and never cared about the series. Though I still had fun with Witcher 3, there were lots of references to events from older games. Infact game gives you an option to emulate Witcher 2 save by making some choices regarding the events that happened. Was clueless and randomly selected from the given choices. I guess you will enjoy W3 a bit more, if you have played W1 & 2.
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    Completed it. What an amazing game! As with most Jrpgs, it does need a fair bit of grinding, but the beautifully animated world and amazing music more than make up for it. The game looks crazy good on the base ps4. The remastering has been done beautifully. Well worth the time and money that went into playing it.
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    I had decided to cancel Amazon pre order and purchase it locally. Couldn't waste the holidays without a new game. The campaign is Amazing!!!! Multiplayer is also good...getting the old MW series MP vibes... This is one of the best COD in a long time and best campaign since BO1.
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    Sony MH755 arrived from Japan Fiio BTR1K from Amazon
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    Box Office: ‘Joker’ Has Become The Biggest R-Rated Movie Ever
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    @Bauji Actually, story-wise Witcher 3 base is the weakest of the lot. Play the expansions. Hearts of Stone has am amazing far better story tgan Witcher 3 + a villain who easily comes in the top best villains in all of gaming. Blood and Wine will make you feel like you are playing a different game altigether with anazing graphical updates. Plus amazing story, choices and quests again. Story-wise though, my opinion at least, but I still felt Witcher 2 had the best story of all. Though that game was more Game of Thrones (with politics, powerplays and backstabbing) than an actual Witchering (Monster Slaying) game.
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    I don't have time to play the games i buy let alone watch someone else play
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