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  1. Noiiiice! Almost ended up getting the Tissot TRace last weekend...wifey wanted to gift it...but didnt feel right spending almost 50K on a quartz watch though it looked really nice (the all Black one). Guys, whats the best site to get AA copies of AP, PP watches in India or USA? or Locally in Hyd.
  2. From where did you purchase the Skull & co switch grip? Link pls
  3. Orders on Nike India site are usually shipped from Singapore. Hence the heavy shipping price of 750 bucks if order price is below 14K. Above 14K, shipping is free. Have ordered quite a few Jordans.
  4. Better go for the regular iphone 12 or 13 over the mini. Mini has very poor battery life.
  5. Guys, any websites that sell Air Jordan cases for iPhones? Didnt find anything decent on Amz & FK.
  6. Folks, my brand new PS5 storage is already full and its not even been a week. Thinking about installing an internal SSD. Which ones should i consider and what would be their prices? Pls suggest.
  7. Ordered! Finally!! Hope they dont cancel the order…Thank you bro!
  8. Is the Edifier S1000db good for near field listening? I have the Swans M200MKIII+ but im using them as bookshelves on stands for stereo sessions.
  9. Pls share your setup details.....Are those Swans on ur desktop?
  10. I enjoy everything but for music - these days have been using my desktop speakers mostly while im working from home. Have music playing most of the time. The combo of iFi Zen Dac + Swans (HiVi) M50WMMKIII 2.1 sounds pretty sweet for near field listening. Not using the headphones a lot these days. I grab the WF1000XM4s when im walking around on the terrace or while travelling. For stereo only mode, i switch to the iFi Zen Dac + Swans(Hivi) M200MKIII+ combo. Movies & Gaming - Home theater ofcourse! I recently attended the headphone connect event in our city, like two weeks back, auditioned quite a lot of headphones, like the Hifiman Sundara but wondering how different is it from the HD650s?? Any thoughts/suggestions...
  11. Hello there. Below is my audio gear, Headphones - Massdrop HD6XX (~Sennheiser HD650), Sony WH1000XM3, V-Moda Crossfade LP2, Sennheiser PXC 550 II, Sennheiser Momentum Wired (OG) TWS - WF1000XM4, Air Pods Pro, WF1000XM3 (On Sale), Sennheiser Momentum TWS (1)(On Sale) Others(IEMs) - RHA MA750, Sennheiser Momentum IE DAC - iFi Zen Bookshelves - Swans(Hivi) M200MKIII+ Desktop speakers - Swans (HiVi) M50WMMKIII 2.1 , Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 (On sale), Logitech Z623 THX (On Sale) Home Theater - Klipsch Reference Theater Dolby Atmos setup 5.1.2 with Pioneer VSX 834 receiver
  12. Coming from WF1000XM3s, initially i felt the XM4s sounded inferior. The newer buds come with only foam tips. They sound pretty bad with them is what i felt. Switched to the silicone tips that came with the XM3s and post that they sound much better. With IEMs and TWs, the ear tips are very crucial. Finding the right tip and material can drastically affect or improve the sound. XM4s have better soundstage, tighter bass, better fit(not perfect) but definitely better than XM3s and improved mic performance. I also own the Sennheiser Momentum TWs (Gen 1) and wifey uses Air pods pro so have tried them and they are great as well. Was infact gonna order the Pros and Sony announced the XM4s. Bottom line, the XM4s are well worth the upgrade. Better sound quality than the Pros and the XM3s.
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