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    YASSSSS. BRO. I MURDERED THAT BISH. OH MAN. OH, MAN. Finally, I just started using my normal attacks, instead of waiting to use Runics all the time. I got engrossed, kept waiting, kept hitting. I got really close a couple of times but jumped the gun. Nevermind, and never better. Wow. Part of the reason this moment got personal for me was because I started doubting myself, on whether I was still the gamer who could do the difficult stuff, or were those days behind me. Well *beep* you Sigrun. Imma have a replica helmet made and hang it over in my den. Mwahahahaha. And with that, bye for now God Of War. Waiting for the next one.
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    I double dipped on this game thinking it'd be an even better experience in 21:9 (3440x1440) with unlocked settings on PC and I can barely run it at 30 fps with Xbox One X equivalent settings. The PQ is very bad too, even more so in 21:9. I had to find a sweet spot b/w 16:9 and 21:9 and use a reshade sharpening fx. Regardless, I have come to appreciate the game a lot more now. It's sure not as fun as the original RDR (which still holds up very well), but it finds a decent balance b/w storytelling and gameplay.
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    Saw Super Showdown, was the worst PPV in past 2-3 years? The gauntlet match was a joke, Taker just came in his full attire, and chokeslammed AJ for a pin fall? When the f**k has Taker ever won a match with chokeslam in past 10-15 years? Absolutely pathetic booking. He looked like an idiot going back and raising his hand to the crowd like he wrestled some 5 star match And Richochet was proper buried. Also WTF was ending? That was one of the worst jackhammers ever by Goldber. Absolutely stupid booking. And lol wtf at Smackdown. We are getting Reigns vs Goldberg And ending was again stupid. Cena was challenged by Fiend and he just pointed to WM sigh and Cena nodded his cap to him like they are some long lost friends agreeing to a friendly match.
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