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  1. https://variety.com/2022/digital/news/playstation-store-pulling-access-to-purchased-studiocanal-movies-next-month-1235310863/ @radicaldude
  2. triggr happy ss


    I dont care about the story though ,video games stories are very mediocre 99% of the time. This wont be any different.
  3. Its going to be great ,in coop you can have the same characters and yet feel totally different. The skill tree is so deep as per the devs .
  4. Its a pony Bot ,never thought i would every type this.
  5. Or day 1 pc also the tears will be epic
  6. There is no interest for lou remake also ,it’s unnecessary but yet we are getting one. Sony will do what it wants and give excuses like their are millions of fans who are asking for it .
  7. Same for the USA whats funny is that ps5 is facing shortages and xbox is not . In before xbox paid more to secure chips
  8. I dont think so ,it will be somewhere close to HZW sales only. Reasons 1) people will hold off buying till they have a ps5 . 2) not enough ps5 out there compared to ps4 when the first god of war released. 3) 70$ price ,along with the inflation worldwide will effect sales.
  9. Its not delayed ,but the real is if its coming out this year or not ? i am guessing nov 11th or feb next year.
  10. Yes they did ,no denying that at this point of time. But it will surely bounce back
  11. Ya just like the ps5 is outselling the series x/s 2:1
  12. I know ,but halo always gets a second life when forge is made available. Some of the coolest creations come to life in forge. Forge in infinite is rumoured to be ground breaking and also there is a BR mode which is a lifeline for all games now days. its stupid to think MS will let halo die when games like sea of thieves is getting supported 5 years after launch. These stupid fanboy arguments like most of thing radicle posts are just laughable.
  13. Trust me you dont have to worry about infinite ,game will be fine eventually. The hardcore always stick around once the casuals have tried their luck. Its not a killzone or uncharted
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