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  1. What ? Halo 4 was the worst halo Mp game ,they f**king copied COD and failed. Its better you stick with playstation discussion only.
  2. Ya hope so ,As per rumours bungie went to MS first and were offered 2 billion by them which they turned down .
  3. Halo Reach was the 2nd worst halo .Maybe the sp was good but the mp which is soul of the franchise saw a decline. Cant really call it a high note to be honest.
  4. Ya 3.9 billion down the gutter for now ,hopefully sony can salvage the situation and put a leash around their neck. Bungie f**ked up and played them good from the looks of it. Bungie has only brought bad news since the acquisition with canceled mp games ,laid of devs ,delayed dlc ,marathon game and ever decreasing destiny player base.
  5. Its already been announced as a multi-platform i think ,if it isnt then maybe its possible .
  6. Sad they always find themselves in the same situation ,maybe they should be blamed equally . I agree destiny has dragged its legs for too long ,its very difficult to get into for a new comer as well which never helps in a mp game.
  7. Bungie going under most likely 1st Ms ,then activision and now sony
  8. f**k off rockstar for keeping the video too short
  9. They cant afford it ,30 billion in debt 7 billion litigation in the UK Things are looking not so great for sony unfortunately
  10. Surely its going to be great ,but ya it’s probably going to nextgen.
  11. Are you seriously comparing a game that launched with just Sp and Mp which is no where in sight after promises of releasing soon. 343 already launched with both so keep your stupid arguments to yourself.
  12. So no factions ,no Lou 3 game this generation only hbo series season 2&3 No wonder we are getting remaster after remasters to bloat lists
  13. thanks scummy sony , its been a great year 🫢 where are the vocal ponies who support digital content preservation ? Who had so many question and criticism for xbox and its efforts regarding the same. @radicaldude @RV1709
  14. Yes ps centric handles would know more than the head of xbox.
  15. Lots of embracer games in the list ,i wonder if something is cooking behind the scenes.
  16. Please use your unused brain for once Ps5 and xbox are basically same machines fighting for our money. How is steam deck or this portal even comparable in terms of functionality?
  17. Ign working overtime so sell a half assed device Also how the f**k did it IGN score it better than the steam deck
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