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  1. Just want the drama to be over ,so that we can move on to other’s things .
  2. Waiting for next week ,its going to be fun sony will present information about the hidden aspects of how they conduct business and deals. Also the EU and CMA details will be out ,so should be clear if the deal is dead or going through with concessions . If these 2 pass the deal then FTC will be a win for MS.
  3. The year of gamepass and ps only gamers feeling like fools paying 70$ for each of these games.
  4. Let them support the devs and help raise their kids instead of their own.
  5. guess what he is playing …… pocket billiards like always
  6. VR is niche ,dont know what nos. you had in mind. It will probably sell the same as VR1 . Its just a waste of time ,money and resources ,kudos to sony for sticking with it to be honest.
  7. This guy who made the tweets is the head of communications at Microsoft (majority of the ms studio heads follow him) .There is definitely something happening behind closed door which lead to that tweet otherwise no one at MS would make such an allegation. Trust me bro
  8. The game definitely had lack of content ,but gameplay and fun factor is 10 times better than anything sony has every put out mp wise. live service games have their ups and downs including cod ,apex ,destiny etc. even this can bounce back in the next season.
  9. Will they be able to get the remaster out before this releases?
  10. Forza Rebuilt 1 point of contact at 60hz up to 8 points at 360. Soft, medium, hard and f1 tires supported. New suspension and weight modeling. Which includes fuel and bounce adjustments. Completely redone breaking. Rebuilt AI. It is now as fast as their fastest drivers without any boosts or cheats. Forzatech updated to support 4k60 with ray tracing and RTGI (probably in replay) Full day cycle with weather Track rubbering, drying lines 24 hour endurance race in 24 minutes is now possible.
  11. Forza will easily set the benchmark for this generation ,looks an easy 90 in the bag for the franchise and thank god it not crossgen.
  12. Waiting for Sony quarterly reports and how they will hit record profits and sales thanks to ragnarok.
  13. Lets be honest here ,i doubt anyone wants to experience it . Sony can keep all the square games for themselves .
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