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  1. Seems like a lot of exaggeration from you end ,can you give some proof? Maybe you are talking about twitter.
  2. Waht is expected to be shown tomorrow at the extended event? More of the same or new stuff too?
  3. He is overrated ,did you play MGS5 ? What a sh*t game it was. but ya one more exclusives for xbox so no one will complain except for ponies who think they own him somehow.
  4. Let the game release and reviews come out ,everyone will settle down and keep shut
  5. Just GP day 1 ,like hades was with same day ps release too.
  6. Next 12 months means end of 2023 According to you?
  7. Where is ridicule? Good time for him to disappear too .
  8. I think we could see some AB games announced today just like some bethesda games were added before the acquisitions.
  9. Cod on all 3 platforms ,coz playing on 1 isn't enough.
  10. Cod is cod ,i doubt overwatch can do that . Or any other new ip .
  11. That will never happen ,that y i believe they should be free to play.
  12. Personally i dont think i can spend that much money on a mp only game .Most of my friends play apex ,warzone ,halo etc. so its very difficult to convince them too . Apex ,warzone have made billions over the years ,i dont think there is any paid mp game which can achieve that much appeal or success in today’s world.
  13. Mp only games should be free to play ,nobody want to pay 70$ for them
  14. Dates and gameplay i am expecting for Starfield ,redfall ,FM ,contraband ,hellblade 2 ,avowed . I think its a lock for these.
  15. Yup spring 2023 as per rumours. This year will be all about Expansions and gamepass games i guess.
  16. machine games might show up too They have 2 projects going on 1) indi 2) wolf 3 (rumoured)
  17. Finished around 80% before i didnt know where to go and what to do. But i loved it so much
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