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  1. Most probably we play as wonder woman in second half of the game going against supes and flash. Simply dont see these 4 going against them.
  2. Also Check out TEL coin, regularly putting in that coin. Today gained around 14%. Missed the bus on axis infinity though, didnt take the advice. Look where it is today.
  3. Happy with the recent Harmony increase. Also DOT is on on SOL's way, parachain auctions soon. I am glad i converted all my LTC to DOT. Check ALGORAND, HBAR, AVAX and QNT. Plus SHIBA INU finally getting lit. Tbh i lost hope on it and was sort of ok with my 10k lost but damn recently it went through the roof.
  4. https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-cm/irctc-spurts-11-in-three-sessions-121101400274_1.html Been in since IPO & early days.
  5. Launch trailer is quite early. Anyways, Pre ordered and ready for 26th
  6. Steam pe kab aayega bidu ?
  7. After getting the insane deal game pass extended by 8 months automatically. Hahaha best gaming deal ever. So many AAA games coming DAY 1.
  8. Bought PC + ultimate for 16 months for like 1300 rs Bc such value. Back4blood day 1
  9. SpearHea:D

    Elden Ring

  10. Appropriate meme for that trash IGN poll .
  11. Was going through related youtube suggestion, never heard before. Pretty awesome
  12. Yeah, want that steelbook.
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