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  1. Incredible atmosphere and audio all around. Game is really dark and i love all the effects of lights and sparks all around. Very spooky. The heavy foot steps of isaac, weird faint chatter in the background, necro moving in vents and intensity music when a fight comes. Keeps one on toes all the time. Love the sound in this game. Perfect pacing and doing actual space related objectives aside from killing necros. Like Throwing a astroid into the space, aligning dish antenna in zero g, moving around in space for a short period of time. All the cool stuff you do. And those jetpacks and suit are so iron man esque. No wonder this game was/is something special and callisto had huge shoes to fill.
  2. Giving away hogwarts legacy deluxe edition steam key. Should be indian steam account and if a regular here then would be good( not a condition) First person to quote me gets it.
  3. Looks amazing. Just need the laser and kickback in the shotgun. No visual feedback makes it look prrrr prr weapon
  4. Its been a long time since this game was announced. What they showed was mediocre and even the first game was overrated.
  5. Banned for just saying the wizard game.
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/so-what-are-you-buying-this-month-february-2023-edition.682108/page-8 " Tell us what you are buying but only tell us what we want to hear. "
  7. Haters cant even do 1% of what she does.
  8. Buy order for ports at 250.
  9. Hogwarts Legacy preload download size Xbox Series X/S – 76.67GB PC – 85GB (Not available for preload) PS5 – 79.5GB
  10. Ahh the sweet advertisement money, somebody tell these hypocrites
  11. SpearHea:D

    Atomic Heart

    Dat background Beat, music by Mick gordon.
  12. SpearHea:D

    Atomic Heart

    Incredible atmosphere and art design. HYPED !!!
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