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  1. Loved Northman f**king amazing. The digitally stiched long cut of attack sequence, i say damn.
  2. Luna Holy sh*t should have bought more. Haha
  3. Sums up the mental gymnastics ppl go to get offended today.
  4. Stalker 2 coming this year? Stalker 2, atomic heart, somerville and scorn for me. Didnt like plague tale 1 much but still day 1 gamepass so will try it.
  5. Will retardera and other media houses cancel PlayStation and its discussion.
  6. Got the lic allotment
  7. Hehe i just clicked quote. Dunno what happened.
  8. And those who marry and get into relationships bacause of money and status dont last long in that relationship.
  9. Phone pe shows amount debited for lic ipo and if i check bse website it says not found. Maazra kya hai
  10. Busd trading still live. Rest pairs delisted and luna deposit withdrawal stopped.
  11. Bought luna bags in morning worth cents. Came to office and checked that its worth 16k. Sold.
  12. Loved the wilderness setting in the first game. Diners, forests, mines, farms, etc and survival horror action in those locations. So good. Take us back their remedy. And this banger moment with banger music, simply fantastic.
  13. Callisto protocol if it comes in 2022.
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