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  1. This is my 1st 4k TV so I found it great. Haven't compared it to other 4k TVs.
  2. This is my 1st 4k TV so I found it great. Haven't compared it to other 4k TVs.
  3. Apple Watch SE = 17k on Croma (Use HDFC Card) https://www.croma.com/apple-watch-se-smart-watch-gps+glonass-40mm-always-on-altimeter-mkq03hn-a-gold-fluoroelastomer-sports-band-/p/243587
  4. I have the Samsung Crystal TV. Sound is pretty bad. A friend said a soundbar is a must. Any good VFM soundbar you know of ?
  5. Echo Dot plus Bulb @ 1599 rs. https://amzn.to/3xK2ARr
  6. People who tag this game as Walking Sim should face BTs with Grenade Launcher and Hematic Nades. and face MULEs with Bola Gun. Combat is fun as hell.
  7. I didn’t stay in Kuta at all. I went to Nusa Penida on the 1st day and then stayed in Ubud for 2 nights. Also did the Mt. Batur trek.
  8. Yes I went in 2018. Saw the flight prices and just left for Bali. Decided what to do on the spot itself.
  9. +1 for Bali. The whole trip costed me 85k for 2 people including flights and everything. I did all the tour myself without any guide or a booking agency. Lovely places, friendly people and cheap af.
  10. Just when you think the game is over, it won't be over. And all of the plot you have seen will make complete sense. Prepare for the mind to be blown. After being done with the Story. I still go back to this game. Play for 30-40 mins. Do 1 or 2 missions and lay down roads and ziplines. It's satisfying and a very relaxing game.
  11. It has been 1 year now for me. The offer stopped for a month but then popped up again. If it doesn’t come next month, i’ll commit for 3 years.
  12. My GamePass expired yesterday and wanted to try this method but I saw the offer of 50 rs for 1 month Game Pass. Used that. Everytime my sub expires I get some offer. I will try this method next month. (Note that this method works if you DON'T have any existing subscription).
  13. Laid down a couple of roads yesterday and woke up to see 4k+ likes. Feels good man. I’m done with the Main Story and now building roads and ziplines everywhere.
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