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  1. Can you elaborate the 4th point? I didn't quite get it.
  2. Lol, abhi intern lgi hai ek saal baad ppo mil jayega phir salary badh jayegi. Fir krenge
  3. This is troubling me too. I already have a bank account and my RM says that I need to attach a bill while the terms and conditions says that transaction should be >=3l/year while the offer page says that I just need to apply for it without any assistance.
  4. I do have an account but once they told me that an auto pay is necessary for lifetime free. Or the offer which is shown in my netbanking says that (in tiny letters) that for LTF, I need to complete form without any representative assistance but the form itself doesn't mention that. It has a link for terms and conditions that says first year is waived off and for next year you have to spend 3 lakh in a year if you want the subsequent year's fees to be waived. Can you confirm if that's the case with your card?
  5. I get the option for Lifetime free HDFC Regalia on my netbanking. But is it free without any catches? Like do I need to attach a monthly auto pay for a bill for that?
  6. Hmmm, I am not sure. Just go with Emirates, it won't be much different.
  7. Lol, my last msg wasn't clear. There isn't an account per se. UK and Canada visa applications go through VFS only and when I applied for Dubai there wasn't any need to even give any particulars except my itinerary, rest was already filled in. Plus, you go through VFS enough times and you can get express processing for free. Although this seems random.
  8. Emirates is exclusive with VFS. Plus, VFS is the sole processor for many other countries, so you don't have to make multiple accounts and go through the initial verifications again. So, just convenience.
  9. UAE has multiple visa processors. Emirates has a tie with VFS and in my opinion it's the best.
  10. Leo's Fortune. Do yourself a favor and play this masterpiece.
  11. Go on Emirates website and manage your booking. Apply for visa. You will be redirected to VFS website where you can complete the form and get details. You can apply right now. If you have a valid US visa then you can get visa on arrival.
  12. Privacy? We don't do that here, my friend.
  13. For starters, one of my known Airtel Engineer jumped the ship and went to Jio. He let me know that they implement it when I asked about P2P throttling. Also, one of my college's mass data server is P2P based (healthy seeder ratio), generally it's heavily encrypted but I was in hurry and was downloading with a pretty weak encryption, something like you will find in Utorrent settings. P2P speeds ranged between 3-4 Mbps while direct download from same server was in 15-18 Mbps range. Mind you, these were just datasets for my project. Also, you can easily see and predict when it's gonna throttle after using it for a while for specific file types.
  14. I didn't play much multiplayer on Jio, was always connected to Airtel. Though the few times I did play, I didn't have much problems, occasional ping spikes were there though. Anyway, I am hoping that over the past few months they would have ironed all the bumps out.
  15. Most of the times it worked great for the mentioned platforms. Was easily able to play two concurrent 4k HDR streams. Although there were some slowdowns, took ages to auto switch quality on Prime and Netflix, not many though. Given they are teaming up with Microsoft now, I am pretty sure that it would be better because of caching on cdns.
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