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  1. kunjanp


    I have heard that IPU is doing that but one of my friends is in IPU and his college did not forward this notice and went ahead with doing much of the evaluation online. Anyway, the lockdown for colleges is not over, atleast till July.
  2. @radicaldude NP is 6-7 Kms from my place. I did not go just for the mouse, the keyboard on my laptop died and had too many projects pilled up from college and my ongoing internship, so I had no other choice than to go and get it fixed asap. Turns out was just a faulty flex cable. So I checked out the shop while it was getting fixed for the mouse. I had to pay MRP for this, seeing that all the shops are strapped for stock, extra bucks did not bother me much. Gaming accessories like keyboard and mouse were specifically OTS in Cost to Cost, SMC, Generation NXT etc with the exception of G503.
  3. Took ages to find. Thought of going with MX Master series but this maintains nice balance between work and gaming.
  4. I went there today, almost all the shops are open except a few brand stores. Wasn't much crowded but stock is really scare throughout.
  5. kunjanp


    Which university/college is asking you to write physical exams by coming to campus right now?
  6. Good suggestion but given that most of my work is to code which means majority of the time I am coding with laptop in my lap while being in my bed or bean bag, having an external keyboard will create too much distance between the screen and me. Sitting in a chair all day really messes up with your back. On pc side I just run the monitor near the bed and use wireless keyboard but psu gave out months ago. It seems silly but makes a lot of difference when you are coding 8-10hrs a day.
  7. Does anyone know if Nehru place has opened up again? Even though I would hate to go out but my laptop's keyboard has stopped working, either I would have to get it fixed or get a new psu for my old pc and start working on it. Can't wait for delivery since I have lot of ongoing projects. Quite urgent.
  8. No idea about this website. Is Bitkart legit? They add packaging and insurance cost so it will be around 3.5k. How is G585? It's not lightspeed but checks a lot of boxes.
  9. Is this seller legit? Best Deal Estore? It's fulfilled by Amazon. https://www.amazon.in/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B071VC9998&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A21TJRUUN4KGV&orderID=&seller=A2FE28HTZZT4DB&tab=home&vasStoreID=
  10. G304 fits all the criteria, wireless+extra keys+good quality and with the battery hack ends up being much better weight wise. But it's not in stock anywhere. Please let me know if anyone finds it.
  11. Lot of reviews mention about quality issues. I probably still will end ordering this if no other option pops up.
  12. Guys, I need a recommendation for a mouse. My priority is productivity, whole lot of coding, scrumming through myriads of webpages. Need something which is: 1) Not too small and comfortable for long hours. 2) Don't really care if it's wired or wireless. 3) Should be smooth to operate. 4) I would really prefer one with extra keys to map for copy/paste (couldn't find a wireless one with these) I looked up Logitech M331 but no extra keys, G102 it's wired and performs great but can't get it delivered. Please suggest asap, lot of work from 1st June.
  13. Amazon prime (Sony's Android app) has been giving me trouble for the past couple of days. Suddenly started showing a loading screen on bootup, shows don't go past HD, even scrubbing through timeline is a pain. Is anyone else facing this issue? Is it because of bandwidth cutdown? It's horrendous that it's still going on.
  14. 1) 24 Chicken wings 2) Enough curd to give them a light coat, 1 tablespoon each of amchur, garam masala and red chilli, salt (I added as per taste, so exact quantity might differ). 3) Paste of 3 gloves of garlic + 1 3" piece of ginger. 4) Mix everything, toss in the wings, leave to marinate for 4hrs min. 5) Take 1/2 cup of maida (you can use any flour) 6) Add 1 tbsp of red chilli, pepper. 1/2tbps of salt, mix well (adjust for taste). 7) Take the wings and completely squeeze out the marinade, just a light cover (don't want excess maida to stick), toss in maida. Light coat. 8) Fry in the oil of your choice, medium high heat, took 6-8 mins for me. Let them rest a bit. 9) Paste of 4 garlic cloves, 4 tbsp soy sauce, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes, 1/2 teaspoon red chilli.1 tbsp oregano (if you have seasoning then adjust salt and chilli), 1tbsp cornstarch. Heat it in a pan till it's nice and thick (approx measurements, adjust for taste, leave out a bit of water if you don't have cornstarch). 10) Toss the wings. Sprinkle with any green you like.
  15. Good old Chicken wings, coated in a chilly, oregano, honey sauce. Trying my hand at food photography, this one came out quite well.
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