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  1. kunjanp

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Can anyone suggest best phone under 20k? Performance is priority.
  2. kunjanp

    Heart broken ppl's club

    Don't do this, this will seem like you are obsessing over what was just a random catch up. Plus, the context for this situation happened years ago, eying each other means nothing as well as the friendship band thing, you are imagining a case for it in your head. Also, that proposal thing doesn't bode well for you. If you send anything as stated in the quote, you will come off as not having enough options to stop yanking this old chain. Trust me, if you do want to send a msg, it shouldn't be more than just "Hey, it was nice catching up with you, maybe we should meet again sometime." If she takes you up on your offer then great otherwise you don't slack your head, I am sure you will be able to do better.
  3. kunjanp

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Lol, exactly. My phone was replaced twice, took 3 weeks and 1.5 months respectively for them to send me a new one. But this was a year ago, my friend got his Pixel 2's back, screen replaced within 2 weeks. Still slow.
  4. kunjanp

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    As far as I know, the warranty for Pixel 2/2 XL was increased to two years, so the device is still under warranty. Give Google customer service a call.
  5. kunjanp

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Night king's ambition was to reduce the world to nothing. To turn a new leaf without the scum (his interpretation) which plagued the current world but in order to do that, he needed to erase the past, even from the memory because people won't accept something new until they are stuck chasing what has been. And Bran with his abilities is like a record keeper of the world, hence Night King wanted to get rid of him specifically.
  6. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Classic Mercedes sandbagging. They don't show their real pace before Quali, Q3 to be specific. I am not sure how can Ferrari or any other person even believe Merc's comments. Leclerc put his car into the wall in Q2, he was leading till then but only by 0.2s from VET consistently, but given that Merc pulled 0.4s in Q3, I am pretty sure the pole always belonged to Merc.
  7. kunjanp

    The Watch Thread

    Hey, does anyone know where I can sell the following watch and for what price? My dad bought it around 8 years ago for INR 90-100k, we don't wear watches much so it's just collecting dust. Not sure about the model no. but the one in the link resembles it the most except that mine is mechanical. Link.
  8. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Lol, you are criticizing him for today's performance based on his earlier ones. He didn't put a wrong foot today, fended off Max like a champion. Yes, he has been cracking up but if you count up such instances, they wouldn't be more than 5-10 in all the seasons he has been at Ferrari. I think you haven't seen HAM's old seasons when he was frustrated for not winning at Mclaren and Alonso literally gave up last season when most of the times he could have come 10th. These things happen in every sport.
  9. kunjanp

    UFC (MMA) Thread

    For all I know that without these channels I would have to pay a lot more to catch each PPV. You always have Sony LIV, either download the app on your TV, connect your PC via HDMI or just cast it from some other device. I have used casting and Android TV's app, worked pretty well without much ads.
  10. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Enough with the Vettel hate already, he was faster through out compared to Leclerc. That's just how team orders work. Ferrari just didn't have the pace to catch Merc.
  11. kunjanp

    UFC (MMA) Thread

    Generally it airs on Sony ESPN, but it's keeps switching between Six and Ten 2, like today it aired on Ten 2 HD, not sure if it did on SD variants.
  12. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Yes, Mercedes did have luck in their favour but they must be doing something right if it always end up this way. I mean, I knew they will undercut with HAM when VER started the pit chain reaction, Ferrari should have called VET in asap. Also, LEC was way ahead, he could have easily stayed in front even if he came 2nd into the pits. VET anyway should really find his groove back, this way he will be a thing of the past. Long season it is, let's hope for the best.
  13. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Lol, I don't think I can handle supporting Ferrari anymore. Mercedes are just that good, strategy always on point.
  14. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    While all of the other top contenders did only 1 lap on soft tyres in Q2, Vettel had to do 2 since he was released amidst traffic on his first lap. This resulted in all of the others doing one lap on Q2 tyres in Q3 and then using a fresh set for the final run. Vettel didn't have this choice as his Q2 tyres had already done 4 laps (2 out + 2 hot) and if he were to do 2 hot laps (4 combined) in Q3, that would put his last set of soft tyres out of their prime for the race. So he had only one go with just 2 mins on the timer, obviously he played safe to atleast make the front row which was clearly evident from his lap (early braking and wider lines).
  15. kunjanp

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Ferrari did it, that's what I like to see!! Leclerc was fantastic but I am sure Vettel could have gone faster if Ferrari didn't throw him in traffic, he had to play safe but still an amazing result.