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  1. Aah, I thought they would also have 4900HS, 16gb, 2060 Max-Q version. Would have bought in a heartbeat, have delayed laptop upgrade for a quite a while.
  2. Lol, another 2XL user here waiting to upgrade. Just can't find a phone which hits all the spots. Pixel exclusive features are really good. I really hope Google makes Pixel 5 good enough.
  3. 500 is the listed price, you have to pay around 6/7% tax in most US states. That comes to 535$, now even if I take 75 as the currency rate (exchange rate would be atleast 76), that comes around 40k. Now the grey market charges commission for bringing it all over to India and in my experience that used to be around 4.5-5k, can very well be more than that for a new console. So 40+5= 45k, if Ps5 releases for 50k, you would only save 5k. I don't think 5k is enough to let go of warranty. Now if it launches for more than 50k, around 55-60k, then it would make sense.
  4. 500$ plus tax comes around 40k at current currency rate. I am not sure how much one will be able to save from grey market including their commissions. Probably not enough to justify letting go of the warranty.
  5. Well he didn't say yes, did he? Lol. It was sarcasm, not that I actually needed it. And there is no way he was going to a hospital, donating blood and showing me a slip for it. It's just a calculated risk. It just infuriates me when people bring in "need", "matlabi" etc. I mean don't buy what you can't afford, there is nothing wrong in that.
  6. I also posted Galaxy Buds for sale, mine were completely sealed. LB: 2000 ME: Nope LB: Please, I am in urgent need of this. ME: Nope LB: Please bro, I have nothing to give to my sister on Rakhi. ME: Give her the 2000 bucks you are offering. LB: Aap bahut matlabi ho. Urgent need me madad bhi nhi kar rhe aap. ME: Blood donation ki zrurat hai Max hospital me. Urgent need hai, kroge? LB: Mazak mat kro bhai, urgent need hai isliye maang rha hu. ME: Bhai bahut matlabi ho tum, urgent need hai and madad nhi kr rhe. Conversation ended.
  7. It depends. Do you want a separate OTG? Or a combi one which has convection? If you find yourself baking quite often, I would recommend you to get an OTG because all around it will give you more flexibility and it would maintain the temperature much better. Usually combi ovens are way off, like you set 200°C and temp. won't go above 150°C (trust me, it's very common, I use an oven thermometer). You can look for IFB for this. They make pretty good ones. If you want a combi one. I would recommend Samsung, but a top range of that one. Because the lower range ones just can't maintain high temps. and kind of direct heat in a particular direction hence uneven baking. I personally have been quite happy with a Samsung myself, models change every 6 months, but something around 20k range. Don't look online for model numbers, just look for general reviews. LG is a good option too, you can try it as well. Try to buy offline, go and look what kind of fan it has to circulate heat, what's the opening like for heat to come through. And try to get one which goes above 200°C because even at 200, you won't find one which goes past 165°ish. And if you are really serious about it. Get a separate, dedicated, full blown OVEN. Samsung, KAFF, you will find great options but obviously more space, more expensive. I am getting one soon from KAFF.
  8. Exactly. I do have a decent 4k TV but HDR is a bit lacking. OLEDS are always around 1.2-1.5L range which is expensive, now I can still spring for it but I am pretty sure that with my use case burn-in is certain. My friend has a C8 and even with all the tech, he still got burn-in. I am looking at Sony 900 series but that isn't cheap either. Not sure about this whole decision.
  9. Generally UK is not going to be cheaper than US or UAE. Heck, even Indian rates beat them but it's about availability. If it's a global launch then I might get it from India only otherwise I will try for UK/US/UAE, whichever is the quickest.
  10. International flights toh khule. I have many friends waiting to come from US, UK and Dubai.
  11. Absolutely. Ps5 Day 1 for sure. Third party games will probably receive a patch, for some it is confirmed. And I upgraded to a Ps4 Pro. Though I did sell it but even if I didn't, would have upgraded. Series X? Probably not. I am too a big forza fan and don't see the new one coming out soon.
  12. If it is Ps3 slim's cord it will work on Ps4. But you either have to use an adapter to change the socket type or just use a multi socket. Assuming ps3 is from US as well, if not, directly plug and play.
  13. But what about AAA titles? For example let's not even focus on newly released games, how much does GTA 5 goes on steam right now vs getting ps4 version from amazon? Or let's take RDR2, in recent sale it went for 2.1 or 2.5k on steam, right now it's 3k while you can get it on Ps4 from amazon for 2.5k. I don't think including Indies as a value proposition is correct.
  14. Why optional though? Could it be that 60fps 4k reduces graphic fidelity by quite an amount? Don't want that to be the case.
  15. Haha, this is a very optimistic way to think about it. But productivity varies a lot. I don't think there are many career opportunities out where one will be able to pull this off. Just think, would a person wake up at 8AM, start work by 9, work for 8-10hrs as usual, then hit the beach around 5-6PM, party till late and be able to wake back up at 8AM the next day? One might be able to for a week but just by the experience of my internship. There is no way this will happen. Best thing about WFM is just the comfort of the home, saving on commute and ability to nap for a while.
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