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  1. You have to give the Firestick back when you cancel it, that's what the Tatasky guy said.
  2. There aren't giving Fire stick for free, they are giving a 3 month trial and post that you have to pay 249/month. So basically you are renting the stick with added apps access in which I think only Hotstar is even remotely good. Depending on how long you want to use it, you might be better off with buying the stick yourself.
  3. Both are the same. Tasting just refers to "food grade" which is nothing but nonsense marketing. If you liked it the last time you bought it. Then go for it. Also, give extra virgin olive oil a chance, that is much more expensive but healthier and has a better taste. Maybe you can try in sample quantities first.
  4. Convection mode means Oven Mode. You have a Microwave Oven, not just a Microwave. Any time you are setting a temperature, you are using oven mode, not Microwave.
  5. 1000XM3. Much better ANC, better sound and Type C. Plus a much better app for tuning. Plus if you have high resolution audio, LDAC support might come in handy and reduce latency. Personally I find absolutely no major difference with wearing any of them over long periods of time. Also no matter which one you choose, you will get a split second delay in movies and games over Bluetooth, might not be as much of an issue for you but try them before you buy. But you can just plug them in for the time being via an adapter or audio jack. Not much of an issue.
  6. That's actually not entirely correct. High repetition sets make your muscles be habituated to low oxygen and creatine environment. After a while, when new fibres get constructed they will not only provide you better endurance but also will be able to produce the same power with less resources and in presence of excess resources increase your max capability, which in turn increase your muscle size since now bigger and stronger muscles will replace them in future. I am not saying that you can do high rep regime everyday but once or twice a week won't be enough to increase glycogen breakdown to such extent that you lose muscle. Also, 8-12 reps till muscle failure is not recommended because then the same muscles won't be able to do their secondary job of being "support muscles" the next day/days. 8-12 reps till your muscles get tensed up i.e. that a rope is tightly winded around your muscle. Aim for muscle failure and max only once a month.
  7. Dude, don't do deadlifts if you are just getting back into gym. That is one of those exercises which doesn't provide enough return when compared to the risk you are taking in. And also, I would recommend to swap weighted sumo squats over deadlifts for your legs. Keep deadlifts mainly for your back routine and start with them once you don't get muscle soreness for a week.
  8. I meant that Rohu in my area is not frozen as it's fresh and gets sold off on the same day and hence doesn't go in the freezer.
  9. Magur also is a variety of walking catfish but I am assuming the one @GunnerY2J is referring to is the bigger kind. Singi is the more expensive one, vendors end up calling it as Magur/Waghur just because of the same species. Magur/Waghur on the other hand is different in taste and texture, not really as good as Singi and hence cost less for some purposes. But maybe it works good enough. You will know when vendor offees two different kind at different prices but calls both of them as Magur/Waghur. Also, I would always recommend to pay extra and buy fish alive. Rohu is usually dead because they are sold easily and hence doesn't go much in the freezer.
  10. I would recommend to always buy alive fish even if it costs more. Rohu will mostly be dead because it's sells easily, they hardly worry about freezing it but still I have seen alive Rohu. Just try Singhara, that would work for you.
  11. @Kirti Singhara is a variety of catfish which is less expensive than walking catfish but it's not necessary that you will find it for the less price, it's highly dependent on where you live. It tastes almost the same and is an alternative. Works well for tikkas. Most of the Rohu I have come across are farmed in natural lakes, your mileage may vary. Also is a bit bland but it usually used to champion the other ingredients rather than the fish itself. It's more for the texture.
  12. Murrel and catfish are always going to be more expensive especially around this time of the year because their population drops in winters. As for Rohu, it naturally maintains a healthy population throughout the year and hence availability, so that's why it's comparatively cheaper. And it's very nutritious. It's not artificially farmed per se, that depends where your local market sources fish from. But I don't think you will have any problem with it.
  13. Floyd is a boxer, Connor is MMA, there's no reason to do such a pointless fight other than for money. It stops being pointless if that's what your audience wants and gives you $800 million for it. After all, they are in a entertainment business, this is not Olympics.
  14. Why? No one wants that. Millions of people who bought and watched the first one certainly do want it. Also Mayweather also posted about a bout with Khabib but Conor will bring in more money and definitely is more capable of a boxer.
  15. Mayweather McGregor 2 confirmed for 2020.
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