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  1. I claimed it via app. Just went to its page on app and had add to library option and now it shows in the purchased section.
  2. For US MFs in Coin, it is as simple as investing in INR. Each MFs will have its own terms for tax and you will need to go through it. Intermediary is needed unless you use something like ICICI bank and invest through their US bank tie ups but charges are so high. Makes no sense. I personally like Coin, all my stocks and MFs in one account. Never needed to migrate away.
  3. For collection you need console. For PS+ games, app is enough.
  4. UC collection and Journey were free for all PS account holders (no need for PS+) few months ago.
  5. True, he won RD1 easily. He did hurt Dustin with his shots. He did not expect those kicks to have that effect. I hope he bounces back. Hooker felt like he was too concerned but Mike has power, man. Liked how Dustin straight up said that he won't take a title fight against Chandler when this was his fight in UFC and rather sell Hot sauce. Great fights to come in March and in 2021. Adesanya, Stipe, Francis and Jones!
  6. I just checked and found out that I redeemed that free Journey and Nathan collection offer quite a while back. Always wanted to play earlier UCs.
  7. Just download PS app, login and add the respective games to library. You don't need any console.
  8. I use Zerodha. And their Coin Platform has many MFs which are made up of US stocks, so you can give that a look.
  9. In case of oversubscription, you won't get more than 1 lot. Absolutely no chance. Only during undersub there is a chance of more than 1 lot.
  10. The GMP for Indigo is around 800, HF 150 and 1.2 for IRFC. Can obviously change by listing.
  11. Nope. Your application is always counted as 1. In case oversubscription, allotment of max 1 lot via lottery. In case of undersub, guaranteed 1 lot with lottery deciding any additional lots.
  12. I thought you were talking about 3rd party warranty repairs. So you mean that you bought Ps4 at launch in India with official 1 year warranty and Sony India refused to recognise it as a product, let alone to fix it?
  13. I think his launch day Ps4 was imported.
  14. In retail it doesn't matter how many lots you apply for, it's all tied to one application and then alloted via lottery. In case of oversubscription, retails investors will not be given more than 1 lot even if they apply for many lots.
  15. 1 in 10 chance of allotment. Firse katega apna.
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