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  1. Bro, I don't think it would be right to do that. But go on HIFIVISION, FALD TV thread. You will find two guys, one bought 65" and the other 55". Ask them for it, they will share over DM.
  2. The guy who shared his charge slip was billed for 99700. And it has 15k mentioned. Also my friend at HDFC says the cashback is legit so maybe it hasn't been updated on website yet. Anyway, couple more stores and then I will buy. If they try to dupe me then they will suffer
  3. Could be, but that's their business. If I get a slip mentioning 15k cashback then I will get it? Right?
  4. Couple guys shared their charge-slips and it's mentioned 15% till 15k on it. They bought 55/65 90H. Should have said 10% if that was the case. I'll go and check couple more stores today.
  5. So let me explain a bit. An EMI is basically a loan. The interest charged goes into the pocket of the creditor. A no-cost EMI seems to be a zero interest loan. But here's the thing, RBI doesn't recognise zero interest loans. Interest needs to be charged and the banks also want that. So retailers or the brand itself passes off the savings they would have given to you, to the bank instead. So for example: Sony would have provided 15k additional discount to the customer but instead they are providing this to the bank to cancel out the interest. Also, no-cost EMI does charge processing fee and GST extra. Now why don't brands just directly give customers the discount? Well, they get kickback for the traffic they drive on payment network like Visa, MasterCard or the bank's network (more EMI = more monthly processing fee). So EMI (no cost or not) only makes sense when you are getting decent cashback. But then, isn't the bank ultimately losing money? Well, the biggest reason behind all this hoopla is to get you hooked on using credit/debit cards loans, on using the money you don't actually have. And then in the case of late payment or default, they suck huge interest out of you. Enough % of people either forget the payments or pay late or pay just the minimum amount or default for the banks to make great profit out of it. I personally have seen many people just paying the minimum due amount, thinking they won't be charged anything, only to realise that it only saves you from the late payment penalty but you still have to pay interest. And that's why you get cashback only on EMI. And yes, cashback only offered on 6 month+ EMI. But the cashback is quite good, makes sense to buy and then pay off the credit due immediately. Sorry for going a bit off topic.
  6. Domination. On feet and on the ground. Felt as if Gaethje was too wary of the takedowns to do anything. Khabib is the goat. Sad to see him go.
  7. Researched a bit. So everyone on HIFIVISION is getting 15% upto 15k cashback on Sony. Everyone started getting this offer 2 days go. So that settles it. Also, here's the thing: Look up the rate of the TV you want on shopatsc and reduce 5% and then minus 15k cashback, that is the best you are going to be quoted apparently. Everyone got quoted the same amount.
  8. He also got quoted 10k cashback. They weren't quoting this till 3-4 days ago.
  9. So this is what my friend over at HDFC sent me and acc. to him this cashback started just 2 days ago so maybe that's why you didn't get it on a9g. Plus even RD guy called and told me about this. Anyway, I am looking for the best price out there. And if they tell me 15k and it's not mentioned on the chargeslip then I will make their lives hell, quite literally.
  10. For Sony I am pretty sure it's 15% till 15k on majority of the 55/65 2020 sets because there was an HDFC rep over there and he confirmed. For LG C9/CX, maybe it's capped at 9k. Didn't get the confirmation about it from the HDFC rep.
  11. Will do. It's so tiring visiting these places again and again. Just give me the best price straight away. Also, HDFC is offering 15% cashback upto 15k on Sony and 17.5% upto 15k on LG. Don't let any Croma/RD guy tell you otherwise. He told me that it's just 6k but this offer is readily available in Vijay Sales (I confirmed from my friend over in HDFC) and ends up providing the best price. Now will visit this Yusuf sarai place and that's it. Gonna buy at whatever is the best price next week.
  12. So Sony isn't releasing a Ps5 patch for GOT and TLOU2? Any news for remastered editions? I haven't played either.
  13. Yeah, they quoted the same to me too but hawa hawa me, assuming that maybe I am bluffing or whatever. When they seriously quoted me the final price, it was 1.3L after cashback.
  14. It's in the DLF mall, next to Citywalk.
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