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  1. 1k cashback on purchase of 7k worth of video games sold by Cloudtail on Amazon. Offer available in-app, not able to find a general link for it. Also 10% cashback on all game preorders.
  2. Many products are oos for almost every pincode or the seller doesn't ship. Flipkart doing it's thing.
  3. Haven't bought anything yet, will work out beautifully for me!
  4. Lol, Amazon and Flipkart having another Diwali Sale from 21-25th Oct. More like a Diwali Month Sale. Proxy sale if you ask me.
  5. I am on 1499 plan and this add on pack has been given to me for free for 6 months. Probably some loyalty program thing.
  6. In reports it's being mentioned that Soli radar didn't get the approval because 60Ghz frequency is not allowed for unlicensed use by civilians in India. Only military use allowed.
  7. It almost was even without that. Mercedes made Bottas pit twice by telling him HAM will too but initially HAM declined to pit again to overtake BOT. Merc had to convince HAM to obey the plan.
  8. Yeah, Voda and Airtel generally have a lot of on foot guys roaming about so just Amazon with their doorstep notification, they come at your home. Your case may vary. Personally, I am still on Voda but I have been getting many signals issues, also data doesn't sometimes especially in metro while Jio and Airtel does better. Although every operator is getting trashier by the day. I just changed my mom's no. to see how Airtel really stacks up.
  9. Ported from Voda to Airtel. Added the request online, guy came on the same day, took 10 mins to fill all the details. He gave the sim right there. Took 2 days, got a msg that port is done, signals dropped. Popped the new sim and it started working. Number was usable throughout, though they do say that it might drop for a couple of hours after midnight during those 2 days.
  10. When I tagged it showed me 2000, must have changed later. Still a good deal though.
  11. 12591 is including exchange and extra 10% off.
  12. https://www.amazon.in/Echo-Grey-bundle-Wipro-smart/dp/B07XPKJ493/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=Echo+Dot+(Grey)+bundle+with+Wipro+9W+smart+bulb&qid=1570132856&s=gateway&smid=AT95IG9ONZD7S&sr=8-1 It's backordered, nonetheless, you can still get it.
  13. Nope, the science behind it is sound. It might not necessarily expand but it surely can. I would seriously get that replaced.
  14. I have owned quite a lot of headphones and the comfort argument did hold up for me when it was XM2 vs QC35 II but ever since I switched over to XM3, I honestly don't feel that they are more uncomfortable than Bose. They feel quite good. Also, they have legit, useful features like USB C and their app, I would go for XM3 unless you bring Bose 700 into the picture, Sony maybe even then. @Outlook
  15. Get the one with i5, better performer than ryzen. 1650 can't drive games at 120fps, so that won't make a difference. And you wouldn't have to deal with interpolation in games. Also ROG Strix name just might help you retain better value in future but honestly, it just looks better too.
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