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  1. The price which doesn't include GST is for a business account. Basically it's GST Tax Credit i.e. At the end of the fiscal year, you can just deduct the tax you have paid on any device or service you bought/used to create your final product. Tax is only applicable on the final product. I am assuming you will need a GSTIN ID for that i.e. register a business with GST identification. Idk how your friend registered a business or might show no end product or uses some actual business's account to buy it personally. But as a personal user who doesn't know anyone who can order it via their account, I don't think there is a way to get this discount without any future implications.
  2. It shows that it will work only for Brazil Accounts. Do you get Xbox live Gold for every account on a particular console like PlayStation?
  3. GT sport is absolutely fantastic. You might feel that it's a bit too tough if you haven't played simulators before and even otherwise some challenges might be way tough. But now I am at a point that I have gotten Gold in every race, challenge, circuit experience and school part and still it's amazing to try to beat your record on Nurgburgring especially with Merc AMG GT. Give it some time, you will like it.
  4. I did. Was told that it might be a bug and acc. to their system I have only used 10gb instead of the 40 it is showing now. Though, he didn't seem sure. Gonna keep a look at it for a few days.
  5. Any other ACT users here? Can you check if your detailed usage in the ACT app or website looks okay to you? I think ACT is billing way too much data out my FUP. The preview on the app is fine but the detailed usage shows almost 5x data usage. Even on their website, for the same session they have deducted data way too many times. Here is the screenshot: https://ibb.co/HzvTk8d Can anyone please confirm?
  6. I think that is the case with only spare and free lithium batteries. In case of portable electronics they allow devices in check in if it fully powered down and can't turn on accidentally. Power banks are considered free lithium batteries.
  7. Has anyone ever brought an Xbox One X or any other console from US? Is it fine to bring it in carry on in sense are there any security check troubles? To take it out during scan? Or luggage is the best bet?
  8. They gave this offer to long time users. I got it and used for a couple months before switching to ACT. Just download on Airtel app and if you are eligible, then you will see a banner for it. You can check it out in data pack option too, costs 299. Works out well if you are able to get 200Mbps speed on 999 plan and put that unlimited pack on top.
  9. Finally shifted to ACT. Felt a bit conflicted leaving Airtel after almost 15 years but they didn't deliver more than 40Mbps and now it wasn't cutting it. 150Mbps is amazing, Netflix 4k doesn't even flinch now. Provided TP Link C5 is working good enough for now, probably in future will get something from Netgear.
  10. I actually like the design a lot. Gives Corsair One type of feel but in a smaller footprint and for me I never think of hiding the console in entertainment unit, kinda looks good to me in the open and this might look great sitting on the console table with green glow on top. Also, the "Series" in the name makes me think that it might indicate Anaconda and Lockhart Series and it will be called more than just Series X. If Lockhart turns out to be 199$ or a bit more, that might be a no brainer for me as a person who doesn't keep a pc. Will allow me to play Xbox games with Xbox One X equivalent fidelity and have Ps5 on the side.
  11. Bro is DT Zone trustable? Because when my friend was trying to buy a used ps4, he contacted them via their OLX ad. Upon inspection he found out that they were actually selling showroom pieces and refurbs as personally used pieces.
  12. @CarbonCore Let me know too please. Also possibly of V2 as well. Thinking about getting one especially for handheld. Not sure how Palika prices compare to other retailers.
  13. It's not about muscle loss from cardio or the hard field. Any machine such as a treadmill or elliptical pushes your leg to drive you forward. An opposing acting force to get you going but that's not the case in football. You can train all your life on such machines and still gas out on the field. And any of those can help you build muscle but in treadmill you will need to use incline while in elliptical a higher setting. I assume this is just because you were out of the game a long time and your body especially lungs need to get habituated with metabolising that much oxygen. Just keep at it.
  14. Dude!! Got it! Never tried it before, this was no brainer.
  15. Did you make the purchase in some other currency? Or was your CC set to some other currency? Because this seems like a case of currency conversion taking its toll. Personally, I have never been charged more than the shown amount from Microsoft, whether it was my Debit Card or Forex Card or CC.
  16. Bro, many institutions use the last 4 digits of your card number to verify your identity. Especially It's one of the factors they use in the credit risk department. So better be safe.
  17. Bro, please hide/remove your card digits from the 2nd pic.
  18. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/21/no-cancelling-stadia-pro-wont-take-away-your-discounted-games?sf112877722=1
  19. So that 3 months offer actually converts the whole 12/36 months of membership to Ultimate? That's sweet. I don't think I will be buying an Xbox in future so maybe I'll just use the offer for 3 months then keep paying 329.
  20. So I have no idea about all the offers and stuff regarding game pass. Don't have Xbox Gold. Will only play on PC, so what's the best way to do it? Can someone explain from scratch. On the website it says that 50 for first 3 months then 329/month. Is that the best deal? And what about the stacking everyone is talking about.
  21. Need a new router. Should have great range, money not a problem until it's bang for buck. Connection speed is 150mbps, so don't need to pay a premium for high through put ones. Please suggest a deal if one comes up or if you have any in mind.
  22. Guys, after almost 15 years of service, I finally asked for disconnection of Airtel broadband (Delhi). They didn't offer me quite a lucrative retention plan but even with that I wouldn't have stayed because 40mbps was just not cutting anymore plus their copper had issue every other day, not to mention 2x the cost of what I will be paying for 150mbps ACT. So let me know of a router for the same, should have great range. Money is not a problem until it's bang for the buck. Could also go for mesh devices.
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