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  1. And you chose to ask that in the Vs thread? 😂😂
  2. But why does it have to be Series S!!? The more that piece of sh*t sells, he longer it will stay relevant. No offence- @Vaibhavp and @KnackChap
  3. This can't be real. I stand corrected- https://nintendoeverything.com/famitsu-sales-5-9-22-5-15-22/ 😳😳😳
  4. FYA- @AnK You need Lord Spender in your life. You just don't know it yet. Happy Birthday!! 😅
  5. If the scam gang makes it happen, we will put it up on p0rnhub Interracial section.
  6. Which also means Sony likely forced them to sign such a contract to allow the game on their platform. Not a good look for Sony whichever way you put it.
  7. He just didn't need to say anything at all.
  8. Yes you can raise a support ticket for it. I had gotten my wallet balance transferred.
  9. The "respect both sides" speeches on this topic are all invariably asking you to agree that anti-abortionists have a point. And that is particularly grating now, with the regressive anti abortion laws passed in some US states recently. It was immeasurably stupid of him to even get into it, and then follow it up with cats and dogs.
  10. Speak for yourself, nub. I used to just die before 🐍 could get to me.
  11. Guys Guys Guys, can y'all please stop fighting for a moment!!!!! and tell me who's the lady right behind Spender?
  12. Considering Netflix and Coke are not free and do cost some amount each, the point would probably have been better made by leaving them out.
  13. So you meant from the perspective of someone who already owns the other platform? That's fair, I guess.
  14. @Assassins Creed has a Playstation tramp stamp.
  15. Are you so threatened by the guy that you have managed to convince yourself he doesn't exist?
  16. First point is likely valid. But the other two aren't. Subscription is not the be all & end all. And games do not stop existing after Day 1. Once a game eventually drops in price, a digital PS5 owner can purchase and play it with same performace/fidelity as in the physical edition PS5. Same cannot be said for Series S
  17. I think that part is universally agreed that XSS is badly overpriced at least in India. Not believing that is frankly delusional.
  18. Damn!! that is Pony Max Pro Ultra edition. 😂 Looks pretty cool man, congrats!
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