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  1. No matter what hardware you may currently own, everyone needs to upgrade some day. So if you have the budget you should go for 2K monitor. Model will depend on your budget and priorities. First and foremost fix your budget range. There will always be a better monitor for few quids more. Set a hard budget limit and go for the best in that range. To select the best for you, decide the specs hierarchy as per your needs. Refresh rate, dimensions, overall rating, warranty support in India, response time, gsync/freesync support, type of panel etc. Cheers.
  2. After a lot of research, i got the Optima High back chair 1 year back, for gaming and working on the PC. Pros: Sturdy construction. Fit and finish is top-notch. Smoothness of wheels is unmatched. Tons of adjustability options. No sweating due to mesh construction. Mesh quality is also great. One of the very few rare office chairs with enough height and width support for 6'+ guys like me. Cons: Slightly on the expensive side if compared to regular market office chairs. I realised that i do not like mesh support and prefer full support. It is around your budget of 20K. Hope it helps. Cheers.
  3. Oh yes i meant heroic. So if i start a new game will i get an option to choose a different save location? I mean, i'm playing on PC, and i can see 3 different save slots with 2 slots empty and only 1 getting used for the current campaign. So if i can choose a different slot i can keep 2 game runs playable concurrently. Cheers.
  4. Managed to get the door open by restarting the entire mission. Finished the campaign on hardcore. Now if we restart the campaign on different difficulty, will the entire open world also reset? Cheers.
  5. Has anyone else faced an issue with the door not opening for the skull? I tried 6 times without No matter what i do the door just won't open! I'm currently playing on hardcore. Cheers.
  6. Dual-link DVI supports 2560×1600 resolution and 144hz refresh rates. But no use, as the monitor doesn't have a DVI port. GTX 750Ti has hdmi 1.4 i guess, so it will support 1920x1080 @120Hz, 2560x1440 @60Hz, 3840x2160 @30Hz & 4096x2160 @24Hz. If you are facing stuttering while playing youtube videos check your browser settings like in Chrome you can disable hardware acceleration. Cheers.
  7. It did work. Hope it lasts. I did delete the localCache.db file before and did a system restart but that didn't work. So maybe restarting Windows Explorer from the task bar after deleting the file works. I had also tried moving the icons outside the folders (on the desktop) and all icons except 1 had re-appeared. But when i shifted them inside the folders, they again went blank after 2-3 reboots. Hope i don't have to keep deleting the Icon cache file intermittently. Thanks. Cheers.
  8. Some of the shortcut icons on my desktop have become white/blank. I tried numerous online solutions but nothing seems to work. When i formatted my PC and re-installed windows 10 sometime back, the problem seemed to go away for few days and has started occurring again. So it's definitely some Windows 10 glitch. The icons only disappear when moved to a folder on the desktop. And only a few icons do that. This is some weird-a$$ glitch. Has anyone else faced this issue or something similar? Did anything work? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  9. I have a UPS inverter which does the same thing. When i'm not gaming, it switches instantly and the system and TV keeps running after power cut. But recently when i was in a heavy gaming season the system shut down and restarted after power cut. So instead of surge protector, now i'm thinking of going for a UPS. I read that online UPS are the best as they provide true sine wave and there is no "switch-over" involved. Have shortlisted APC Online UPS 1kVA SRC1KI-IN with internal batteries. But it's super expensive. It has 800W rating and 90% efficiency. Other alternative is BR1500G, which you guys have, which is an offline UPS but cheaper than the 1st one. Although its not a true sine wave UPS instead a stepped approximation to a sinewave. Confused between the two. Cheers.
  10. So APC offline UPS would do the job or online UPS would be better? Cheers.
  11. Yes and not just that, even when "saving progress" appears, you do not necessarily start at the exact same location or with exact same weapons. Like for instance in tower mission when "saving progress" appeared i kept spawning outside the tower after reloads, then once i spawned outside the ransom keep instead of FOB, as last "saving progress" appeared when i crossed ransom keep and didn't appear when i fast travelled to FOB later. It also saved my scorpion tank once, at the FOB and didn't during the next save. Cheers.
  12. Same here. Hate the open world aspect of the game. Makes the Master Chief feel like a regular run and gun soldier. The save system is flawed as well! Cheers.
  13. I tried quitting after "saving progress" popped up but i keep spawing to the same checkpoint. Don't know what's wrong. Cheers.
  14. https://realsport101.com/halo/halo-infinite-how-to-save-progress-auto-manual/ Above article explains the save system properly. Cheers.
  15. Ok.. i started playing again and tried exiting and then loading back in, after some different save points within the tower mission. I kept restarting from the beginning. I think that the tower mission/any other open-world mission needs to be completed in 1 go without exiting to the main menu. If we die we spawn from last save point but if we quite we start from the very beginning. At least that's what i have concluded Peeps who have finished the campaign might know better. Cheers.
  16. Are you sure it's backlight bleed and not ips glow? https://community.acer.com/en/kb/articles/82-troubleshooting-backlight-bleeding-and-light-leakage Test your monitor: You can decide after the test whether you would like to keep it or take a chance with a replacement monitor. Cheers.
  17. I was playing the Tower mission on PC when i stopped and exited the game after a checkpoint and now when i restart the game i'm instead starting from the very beginning from outside the tower! I had progressed deep inside the tower with many save points in-between. Is this a save file glitch? Cheers.
  18. Listing the 4K High Refresh rate options readily available in the Indian market, at the moment, for quick and easy reference: 1) Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A Buying links: a) https://www.amazon.in/ASUS-Gaming-VG28UQL1A-HDMI-Monitor/dp/B09C86SHFB/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=ASUS-Gaming-VG28UQL1A&qid=1639979480&sr=8-3 b) https://www.pcstudio.in/product/asus-tuf-gaming-vg28uql1a-4k-hdmi-2-1-28-inch-gaming-monitor/ c) https://mdcomputers.in/asus-28-inch-tuf-gaming-vg28uql1a.html 2) Acer Predator CG437K Buying links: a) https://www.amazon.in/Acer-CG437K-Resolution-Compatible-DisplayHDR/dp/B08D4JY6GV/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Acer+Predator+CG437K&qid=1639979601&sr=8-3 Websites/retailers checked : PrimeABGB, Vedant Computers, TheITWares, The IT Depot, Amazon, PC Studio, MdComputers. P.S : I'm in no way connected to any of the above listed retailers/websites and in no way being compensated to post anything related to them. It's just to help prospective buyers save some time and energy in research. Cheers.
  19. I have observed that there are multiple individual threads regarding which monitors to buy for gaming/workstation/multimedia etc. as the same question in PC ask the experts thread doesn't get much response. I too have been waiting to purchase a gaming monitor due to lack of options in India. The delay in launching new products in our country is quite frustrating. Thus guidance to prospective buyer as to the current availability of a product or the current options in the market would be very helpful. 1. Prospective buyers can post the specs they are looking for or their use case and budget and get recommendations from other members. 2. It would also be great if all the members can post which monitor are they currently using along with short feedback/review and any experience they had with after sales service. Even just mentioning the name of the currently owned monitor along with PC specs would help build a consensus of the right/most popular monitor for a specific use case/specs. 3. General discussion regarding monitors like any issue being faced or tuning etc. Cheers.
  20. It worked guys! I'm all set for 3 years of GPU for just Rs.3937! Thanks a ton to all of you who helped. Cheers.
  21. I was going to gift myself 6months code from MS store Thought that would be the most reliable. Will have to find 6months card on amazon. Folks on the internet saying MS is slowing discontinuing them. Cheers.
  22. I researched more on the internet and it seems the xbox gold does stack up. Really tempted to give 6months code a try and if it works, 6 more months. That additional 1 year is a huge time frame and lot of cost savings. Cheers.
  23. Oh alright. Thanks! Yes even i'm confused what to do. It feels like a gamble. The way Microsoft kept changing offers with each purchase i made was really I think i will upgrade to Ultimate now. BTW there is no time limit to upgrade to ultimate right? Thanks. Cheers.
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