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  1. Okay I get you. Other features like a touch screen infotainment system, Apple Car Play, parking cameras etc I assume are all available across the board right? Gonna be going with a Manual, Petrol option. Any others to consider in this range? My current car is giving a lot of trouble so looking to get this done in another 10-12 days at best. Anything else when purchasing a car? Doing all this basic research, and I guess test drive it and should be good to go?
  2. We don't have sunroof currently either so probably not something we'll miss and we never use backseat arm rest. I'm very about Toyota though. The maintenance costs would be much higher compared to Maruti, Hyundai, Honda I assume? Plus we'd like to stick to the Sedan/mini-SUV variants. Looking at City 4th gen, Ciaz, Venue, Sonet, Dzire. any others to consider, and any opinions? Also anyone knows out of Maruti, Hyundai Honda which is better in terms of maintenance costs, easy repairability, replacement parts etc?
  3. Looking to change the car, range is around the 10L mark. Not familiar with the car market, whats good? Want regular family car. We are only 3 people, my dad will drive (he's not a flashy driver) and he's not home like 1/3rd of the year so it won't get daily use. We like small road trips however. Space, comfort, AC is the priority.
  4. Any good 24 or 27 inch monitors? General purpose (IPS) - not for gaming. Pls recommend brands or exact models?
  5. Please recommend 1.Regular fridge. Kinda big, and freezer at the bottom preferably? Would like it not be too wide. Not the double-door kinds. 2. Minifridge. Thinking of getting one for sodas and beers and stuff - separate from the main fridge. Is this a good idea? Would like rec for both - value for money options, nothing too crazy. Have very little idea in this department.
  6. definitely one of the weirdest trailers I've ever seen. solid cast though, Chris Pine looking sharp as usual.
  7. Hmmm. Your child? Anyway exposing a kid to self help books that early? Might turn him off from reading entirely. I'd rather recommend getting this kid in question into the habit of reading, the genres and learning can come later. Once you enjoy fiction, you can diversify interests later. Business and personal finance and personality books can be quite a bore, especially for a 10th grader. I'm a teen myself, so I'd say I'm more clued in that an average book salesman who'd just recommend you some bestsellers.
  8. I ain't taking a flight for this sh*t lmao I mean, it it available on the caribbean waters? Idk why our cinemas didn't get it at the same time. I wanted to watch this at the cinemas but it'll prob come to us on streaming. same thing happened with A24's Green Knight.
  9. is the Northman available to watch anywhere? ANYWHERE.
  10. very hyped to see this, love Cruise and love Top Gun. also, 4DX or IMAX? It'll be watchable in both formats? I guess 4DX with the motion and stuff makes sense, but the exhilarating nature and all the audio of the aircraft manoeuvres would be better in IMAX no?
  11. Never bought from Snapdeal. I buy mostly from Amazon - kindle/paperback + Bookswagon when buying new releases as they're usually cheaper.
  12. I have been exploiting the audible code thing for the better part of a year. Haven't paid once yet and have listened to at least 10 books, and have 3-4 ready to go I mean, the sub price is prob worth it but I usually get a code on GPay or one of my friends sends me one. Majordwarf sent me two CRED codes but I could only apply once. GPay code you can do multiple times.
  13. One of the few examples where the movie deviates from the book a lot - and they're both awesome. Kind of like Jurassic Park. Def do recommend reading the book still as its one of King's best. Oh fantastic. I love these Poirot movies eagerly waiting for the next one.
  14. Yesss! It was very well done, despite Gal's questionable acting but I really hope we can get a third Poirot movie. Also, whats this about the movie The Northman? Apparently its released in some countries and not doing well - but I've heard its fantastic. Want to watch.
  15. Heading to Kolkata tomorrow for 4-5 days. I still haven't seen any of the Fantastic Beasts movie - despite loving Harry Potter and Eddie Redmayne as an actor. Will binge the first two and go watch it at the cinema there since I will have nothing else to do. Also, is there any way to watch the Uncharted movie? Its not on streaming and I can't find it otherwise.
  16. fabulous game. indecisive clash of the PL titans - but hey, it gives the race even more drama will watch FA cup match next weekend
  17. Yep - new Shinkai. The poster screams it. Can't wait - will be watching this in the cinemas like Weathering With You for sure. Shinkai movies are always gorgeous, and a fun watch. Radwimps music too hopefully?
  18. what is this? poster giving me massive Shinkai vibes
  19. yeah that is true. though I have more risk tolerance so I'm willing to look into small caps and mid caps funds that may offer greater potential returns. PF will still be nifty heavy but if you think there is something I'll do it otherwise I'll just stick to nifty
  20. ah okay I see. any other complications except not being able to buy more? I'll continue to add to the nifty - but my mf portfolio is very heavy on that fund. Any additional options I can consider? I don't do SIP since my inflow of cash is very turbulent as a student - so if there is anything pls rec.
  21. Hey guys - I add to three funds : The UTI Nifty Index Fund, the MO S&P 500 Index Fund, and the MO Large and Midcap Fund. Anyway - for the first and third I have been buying more when I can. But for the S&P 500 fund - the Coin app only shows me the 'redeem' option. Its not letting me buy more. Anyone know why that is?
  22. sure I'm in. I use youtube a lot - willing to spend small amount and forget the ads entirely
  23. Small piece of good news - nothing out of the extraordinary but I have got an internship! and it pays, even if its not much! will be making my own money for the first time this summer! getting one was a lot of trouble since I don't know too many people or have a network to leverage but I got it through college through regular interview process
  24. seeing this now but if there is a group for youtube premium - or anyone is interested in making one - count me in
  25. Aight so borders are finally opening up for tourists without quarantine requirements, and I have been looking at the calendar. I'm thinking August 9th-August 15th (using the holidays for Muharram and Independence Day) - gives me about 6 nights/7 days. Can be shorter than that also. Where can I go, with parents, major concern being the weather. We prefer cold, not hot. Delhi heat is horrible that time of the year - and a short international trip would be a much welcome respite.
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