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  1. No Idea. Not interested in racing games personally. Starfield....yes...Thus, answered to Starfield's point by @Vaibhavp.
  2. The graphics... If what they showed in teasers and trailer was in-engine then I gotta say that kindda graphics in 3rd person and first person will be taxing on old gen. Plus the recent leak of a dev saying that it's may not be as good as HFW graphics wise made a blunt comparison because Bethesda games has very much details in the world because of it's first person and 3rd person nature. There are lots of objects in the world. HFW isn't that dense interms of objects. Starfield's graphics per object, and the fact the density of assets on screen might be having high memory pool and processing count. As high density world require very high processing resources plus, as we know from Bethesda games that the world remembers all the object placement (basically you can increase a scene budget by brining more stuffs into a room an dumping it) Last gen lacks in both memory and CPU power. And, I know people criticize CDPR for CP2077....but that game's engine also remembers object placement in a way. And the dense world asset streaming was very hard on last gen due to bandwidth limitation and hardware. So it's a good thing that Bethesda ditched last gen for Starfield. Would have hold them back and possibly could have issue running the game on old gen anyway.
  3. I started playing The Outer Worlds after Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West. Because all the talk of Starfields makes me wanna play Space RPG but Bethesda-esq game. Thus, Outer Worlds. Also, playing Olli Olli World because it's a chill game!
  4. SaiKO


    Thinking of playing The Outer Worlds and season pass for now. Have an itch for Space RPG.
  5. How about some appreciation for the Xbox Bethesda game showcase, eh? Atleast we know they are going to show Starfield gameplay now. If you are complaining against xbox and gamepass all the time, now you should also be excited to see what's they gonna come up with to change the scenario, right? If it's found out to be trash, by all means parade on with your hate propaganda. If it's good then atleast you should be happy for the gamers. Everyone wins! But only after the show.
  6. SaiKO


    Bethesda can and he can't do anything if they go after him. Further reveal (even the information of bethesda going after him) will fudge up his career more. for 15mins of fame, nobody would do that. Company lawyers can mess him up.
  7. SaiKO


    If true, this is pretty much against NDA. Would be stupid of him considering Bethesda can figure out who the person is (a character artist who just resigned recently in a week). NDA still carry forward even if you resign. Because if the person tries to join the next company a general background check with previous company (For him: Bethesda) will come out against his favor.
  8. SaiKO


    Every Bethesda games are handcrafted. Yes, there will be handful of planets (areas) to explore or maybe in one planet but in different areas (we are not sure). But one thing for sure that those will be intricately designed. Bethesda games are very sandboxy RPG, so quests requires to have certain specific area and key objectives with NPCs and enemies. Can't have that in procedural world.
  9. SaiKO


    Creation Engine has it's charm. Plus it's super mod friendly. It's buggy, sure, but such an open sandbox customizable and complex rpg system is supported by it. Other engine such as UE5 probably won't be good for Bethesda games and their mechanics. That said, Starfield is on CreationEngine 2. So maybe it will be better than before.
  10. SaiKO


    If Starfield turns out to be Skyrim in Space, it will break the RPG community again. People will be putting on countless hours. I still remember the first time I booted up Skyrim....
  11. Heck, nobody will lose their mind if a game is delayed in this unusual time that we are living. God of War Ragnarok delay? Fine! Take all the time! Forspoken delay? Sure! Starfield delay? Why not? As a gamer we won't care about 'analyzing' how much Sony or MS made or their profitability. Or if they lose value in stock or not. Only care for the product that we gonna enjoy. If the game turns out to be great! Awesome then! If not, better luck next time!
  12. Dunno dude, seems like they are pretty confidant about the releasing it this year. But who knows, could be delayed. Covid and WFH has been critical for development timeline everywhere. Might be delayed, might not be. If delayed, then the internet cancel culture would revolt. Bethesda Fans will supports nonetheless.
  13. And funny thing is nobody is losing sleep of why Starfield hasn't shown any gameplay. All knows that they would show it (gameplay)on E3 2022 (Before E3 is cancelled)... Because it's been Bethesda's style. And The skyrim reveal wasn't a gameplay trailer btw. Skyrim gameplay was revealed on E3 of the release year. Same for Fallout 4. If you are counting reveal trailer as gameplay trailer now then Starfield also revealed back in last year. They showed ingame shots in the trailer. I'm not defending Bethesda because of M$. I;m defending Bethesda because its Bethesda. M$ has nothing to do with it.
  14. You know even if Starfield turn out to be good now, you won't be able to say good thing about it just because you adamantly already said these stuffs. But hey, people who plays games will play and enjoy. And people who will Tarnish the gaming community will continue to do so. Speaking of Tarnished. I'm still waiting for the proof that you guys played Elden Ring or not. Since some of you think God of War Ragnarok will be GOTY...That game is not even out yet and people thinks about it being GOTY. Where a legendary game is out, everyone is playing it EXCEPT some. Heck, forget ER. HFW bhi khela kya?
  15. Now that E3 is cancelled. When will Bethesda show the gameplay? June july?
  16. IF you are familiar with Bethesda's game unveil. You GOTTA KNOW that Bethesda always unveil gameplay at the last minute. On launch year and 4-5 months before release. They do that so that it's representation of actual gameplay. Also, not to hype up unnecessarily like CDPR. That's the reason they haven't shown any gameplay yet. So calm down for now. Go back in time, all of their games were presented in this manner. Oblivion, Skyrim, fallout 3, fallout 4.
  17. You bash everything that is related to M$. Just because M$ bought bethesda now you think Bethesda games gonna bomb. if sony would have bought them you would be singing songs about Starfield now. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s Betehsda’s game so everyone who are well versed with their games are pretty excited. btw have you played Elden ring? Seems like you are pretty much sure GOW Ragnarok gonna win GOTY.
  18. Why not? I actually paid for the consoles, hardwares and the services. Both psn plus and xbox gamepass before ‘langar’ (8months free because of RBI, which is not exactly free, cause you have to pay for one month, but anyway). Why not point out ugly side of things that I’m experiencing? Now you can pick all the posts you want as we know how ‘free’ you are with your ‘time’ to prove your twisted victimised points on forum to keep your dopamine going. But I digress. I will call out microsoft as well if as a consumer suddenly I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth. It’s been accepted globally is that Gamepass is a massive deal for consumers till now. And as a gamer that’s what we should care about. It’s about competition. And a smart consumer won’t lose if he/she don’t align himself/herself with those said corporations doing the competition. Since when a valid grievance from actual USERS became so white and black? ”Only a Sith deals with an absolute”.
  19. Offcourse. It's Bethesda! Name one SP game which isn't a masterpiece made by Bethesda core team. (Fallout 76 isn't made by Bethesda core team, nor is it SP game which is Bethesda's bread and butter).
  20. 'Plus Extra' Seems costly. Would have been nice if they could give a regional pricing in India for it.
  21. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    Plated, finally!! GOTY. Easily. I still think a character log or a quest log would have been really helpful. Not map marker or hand holding, mind you. But a simple log where we can have character’s informations. (Who would think you gotta play a flute echoing “you’re beautiful” to a certain npc to not make it die of grief…) But that’s just me. Even this thing is good, some people will keep a physical notepad or logs. That’s a fresh take after 2 decades some would say. Except that, this game is just…. Exquisite. Finally, no handholding. Yeah, we have to read the items or look for online to extract much of the lores. But that’s the beauty of it. So much interpretations. And many more are not yet discovered. NG+. Here I come!!
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