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  1. Tried playing 2nd time....couldn't play the Abby segment... Was hating myself continuously. So stopped.
  2. Hate TLOU2. It's a game about hate....thusly.
  3. I don't support piracy, and piracy cripples our industry. But for this game, I'm hoping people pirate the sh*t out of it. Only for this one...
  4. You do realise it was a sarcasm, right?
  5. Huge SPOILER ... On a serious note..... it looks good, but doesn't have the 'oomph' or excitement 3rd time around.
  6. Yes! Exactly. It could be priced at 140$ and still be VFM!! Who knows! Maybe the game will play out different and could have multiple outcome! Atleast that's my impression after seeing the TLOU1's "Spoiler" and "Leak" concern from game media!
  7. Plus lots of games will be revealed in Gamescom in a few days...
  8. How can it be worst year in gaming when you have ELDEN RING and Ragnarok in a same year? And many people will disagree but HFW and Dying Light 2 are also fine games (not GOTY worthy off course but great games nonetheless). But yes, AAA games will come out in lesser numbers nowadays because of exponentially more time required for making games+ covid and WFH is still somewhat hampered the timeline and productivity. We also have lots of games inbound such as A plague tale requiem, Bayonetta 3, Callisto Protocol, Splatton 3..... we had lots of great indie games this year....Stray, Olli Olli world, Rollerdrome, Teenage mutant Ninja, Sifu and many more....
  9. PC.....the bridge of bringing 2 sides together. Connecting everyone through 'STRANDS'. Masterstroke!
  10. Meant for RDR2.
  11. As of now only way to play with better graphics and fps is the PC version.
  12. Looks like they are using M$'s money to increase the scope of the game. Have no context how in-details and the visions are, or how the game gonna play. But seems like there gonna be a huge jump from first to second. Hope it lives up.
  13. Sony being Tryhard on the price.....so....so much! Giving so much justification about "how hard they worked on the 'remake' " to justify that price. I have nothing against ND and other devs, infact I advocate for them because I'm on their boat. But the full inflated price is BS. And giving more and more justification proves that it's BS.
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