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  1. same for me... PC Steelbook edition. 2 hrs back I guess. Hopefully will get it tomorrow!
  2. Seems like the link is not opening...if you have it wishlisted then only u can order from there... Directly from the Wishlist panel.
  3. GTS delivered it today?!?!?! PC or console?
  4. SaiKO

    God of War

    I agree.. on ps5, GOW is already 60 fps and 4k...so there's no point. For HZD it was different case because at that time PS5 wasnt there so no option for high fps...
  5. SaiKO

    God of War

    Most PC gamers already have consoles. The GOW will be sold to the people mostly who gonna double dip. Like how lots of people bought HZD again on PC because of more fps and better graphics...that's all.
  6. I'm waiting for fanboys flipping tables, having tantrums and having fit! I remember what happened when HZD was announced.. lol But on serious note, I think the price is abit much for an old game... 3299...too much.
  7. Is the game worth getting? Right now sale is going on in EPIC games PC, and with coupon the effective price is 1k ish. Is it better than Origin or Odyssey? I hated the grind in Odyssey...Is it more grindy than that? Also, are the DLCs good?
  8. Just so you know, my home is full of apple products...iphones, apple watch, macbook, ipad, old ipods...Their products are good...too costly in India, but good reliable products. But their products has NOTHING to do with Gaming in any way. Nor they intend it to do. If this topic wasn't for PC gaming I wouldn't even disagree with you. But apple and their 'claimed' performance has nothing to do with gaming nor in IRL performance that we can benefit.
  9. And all those 'claimed' performance by apple, gonna be used for what? Game to chalta nehi...AI calculation and folding also dont work on Apple macbooks. Render? Most industry leading 3d apps dont even like IOS platform and the config. No major graphical engines are compatible with that platform. photoshop chala lenge log thoda. Composition kar lenge videos...aur photo edit kar lenge... Achha lagega...piche apple ka logo dikh jayega. Thoda 'hip' status bhi bad jayega sayad India mein.
  10. In real life.... M1 Max's gpu performance will be around GTX 1080... the bandwidth is limited by LPDDR5 around 200GB/s to 400gb/s. Maybe push it alittle bit towards 2070... I doubt it will come close to 2080 or ps5 performance IRL.
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