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  1. You actually don't require Gears remake because xbox is like a PC-ish console where it runs the game with better fps and resolution on newer consoles. Like pc does for old games.
  2. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I finished it once fully back in launch... My 2nd playthrough was with Fem V, which I didn't finish. But right now I'm doing that.
  3. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Back to one of my fav fu*king amazing game on PC, because I'm a sci fi nerd. Time to finish FEM V playthrough... although, MALE V playthrough during launch time was best. Panam FTW.
  4. They increased steam version of HZD's price from 1099inr to 3299inr in last year I think.
  5. Agreed. Mostly all of the multiplats are very VFM on PC. And you get best graphics and performance as well. So for me only exclusives and 'some' games on PS....rest of all on PC.
  6. Exactly, PS basically has very bad pricing for all of these games that are on both platforms. From Deathloop to Kena, Sifu and list is endless. If you have PC then you should get these games on PC rather than PS. Specially when the game costs 1/3 of the price of PS. (for Kena)
  7. Err. It’s a pc game as well. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. SaiKO


    Because this is unusual for Bethesda if it's a natural situation(as they used to show actual deep dive gameplay only on release year), unlike these past 2 years. And WFH actually a culprit for games from 2020. For many games.
  9. SaiKO


    Even with Ironclad management with impeccable pipeline and time management won't be able to hit a deadline in this unusual time.
  10. SaiKO


    As a developer who actually works in industry and know how WFH just can demolish the production timeline, I would say, WFH timelines =/= Actual production timeline in office. Because most, if not all companies are facing productivity issue in WFH situation where work efficiency has reduced to a crazy 40% less for game development. Unless everything normalize and everyone returns to office and work in office environment, this kindda situation is unavoidable and incalculable. That's the reason we are witnessing so many delays from 2020 for many games. So be considerate about that.
  11. Vanilla... Just taken in my Ultrawide aspect monitor using nvidia's screengrab. And also had DSR on from nvidia control panel.
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