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  1. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    Getting on PS5. Will be preordering in feb.
  2. Good for you. But should have been free for people who owned both. There's no significant upgrade that cannot be done in a big patch. Atleast the FPS unlock should have been a given naturally.
  3. graphical preset from high to ultra (higher lods, shadow res etc), resolution change, fps unlock. Quick load (because of bandwidth unlock on data streaming) 10$ upgrade. 1000 inr in India, probably? Or is it gonna be 500 inr? oh yes, DualSense implementation. Basically,I guess, not worth your money. Kojima gave a hell lot for 500 INR upgrade.
  4. Those games did LightSaber justice, and were classics. The balancing issue you are talking about was done right 3 generation back where this iconic weapon didn't feel too weak, nor did it one shotted enemies. I dunno if you can go back now and play those, but those who have played knew how masterful those games were. But I understand your point of view playing Jedi Fallen Order as first Jedi game and that too a Roguelike.
  5. Have you played jedi academy or jedi knight 2?
  6. SaiKO

    Crysis 4

    Awesome news. This will MELT all consoles if they indeed create graphical mammoth like what crysis was back in day. And offcourse you would need an amped-up pc to push the limit. hope they don’t downgrade the graphics for console.
  7. I finished Jedi Fallen Order 2 days back in hard on ps5. I loved the game. But I personally didn’t like the combat, it’s not because of the difficulty, but rather Lightsaber felt soo weak. I also feel that the Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Academy did the lightsaber right. Wish if they would have went to that direction rather than rougelike.
  8. I'm preordering as well. I might pay extra and get the special edition.. will wait till 10th feb, if no news of Special Edition till then, I'm gonna hit the preorder button for PS4/PS5 version on GamesTheShop as I love physical copies for console games specifically.
  9. Almighty Kraken! Release the kraken!! Etc etc. 😂😂😂
  10. I'm just glad that I started my gaming from PC as a main platform (well I started from 8bit chinese nintendo copy before that but it's common for everyone) and then expanded to console from ps2 era. And not strictly confined in PS2 for gaming. So I can never be a sony fanboy to restrict myself of the possibility of all the platforms or gametypes. Sony exclusives are, were always entertaining...but in a 1 to 2 times or max 3 playthrough. But they were never so engaging that you keep coming back. All of those games were third party. These games which engages you are the one that makes MONEY. And gamers happily shell out their money for it. Why do you think people still buys skyrim in different platforms... (it basically released on every platform possible, and still it releases some version every 2-3 years, and people still buy it). I play League of Legends, Valorant. I play LOL from 2011/12 to till now even. 10 years....10 yrs im playing that game and still not bored. I've spent 45k-50K for SKINS of the Champions on that Free game in that timespan. For you it might sound stupid and waste of money and not worth it. But for me, I don't regret it because I've enjoyed my time with this game, and still enjoy with it playing. I still spend money on it, for skins. Same for valorant, I've paid like 3-4k for that free game over the span of only 1 and half year. I enjoy the game, I keep coming back, I spend money on battlepass and gun skins I like and I keep playing it with friends. And you won't feel bad spending some money on skins for these games because you invest time with your friends by playing these, going ranked and all. Same for Overwatch. Once you keep playing a game and enjoy it thoroughly and keep coming back you won't mind spending money on it. Because you are still playing it and getting enjoyment. Engagement is a key factor if you wanna make money, and keep making money from games.
  11. True...but that's why they widen up and went for bigger things. Ultimately M$ went for bigger Risks. Once you fail and lose in any aspect in life, only then you try for bigger leap, risks and in the process, evolve. Sony doesn't take much risks...they know the formula, they play safe, why would they take risks if they knew what they are doing actually working..until now. Tell me one thing, did Sony ever produced any game that people come back again and again and play and be engaged? No, because they mostly create VERY LINEAR story based movie games that you play once and twice and get enjoyment. Do you keep playing it? Absolutely not (well, maybe Returnal and Demon's Souls are different because they are not Sony's home product, Returnal is created by Housemarqee and Demon's Souls is just complete remake of From Software's original old game made by Bluepoint games, which only recently acquired by sony). I platinumed most of the PS exclusives in PS4 era, and there were no reason for me to go back there and play those at all. Heck, even recent PS5 exclusive R&C RiftApart was hella easy to complete fully 100% and be done with it. And after completing those games what VALUE does those games holds for you? Almost nothing to many people, I've seen people selling their copy of these games on IVG and other forums after they done with them within a week. That says it. Where people still have Skyrim, Fallout, Cod, Overwatch, doom, forza, minecraft, halo installed in their respective systems. M$ wants engagement out of you. They own the franchises which people can come back over and over again to play. Even till this day people plays Fallout and Elder Scroll games all the time. Now they own all the engagement heavy games from Acti Blizz.
  12. My Switch V2 doesn't get used much. And the battery drain around 14-16% (from 100 to 84) in 2 days while in Sleep mode. Is it normal? Or my battery has degraded due to non usage? Should I be worried? If so, do I have have option to replace the battery in future? How much does that cost?
  13. I paid 25k booking amount back in 2020 when I booked my Seltos HTX petrol. Got the car within 1 and half month in Bangalore. 50k booking amount and 5 months waiting period sounds crazy. That too in a place like Delhi, it suppose to be cheaper.
  14. Only PC gaming community appreciate the strategy games, alot. You talking about strategy games in a forum where console gamers are dominant and specially most people plays on playstation. Their concerns are more into console vs console and general games or 30fps quality or variable 60 fps performance mode for games. I see little talk of Strategy, MOBA, MMO, Competitive fps (read: Valorant, Apex, CS) here. It's not like this forum doesn't have people who plays them, but I think majority aren't that. Check out GamerConnect on FB, that community is huge and consists of huge number of PC and multiplat gamers.
  15. Majorly service... cloud gaming etc. Would be able to play games from phones...etc.
  16. I think M$ is done with console vs console child's play. They are focusing on more towards the services, content, owning half of the gaming industry even. In a way, they are becoming mighty serious about 'gaming for all' slogan. Generalizing gaming. Which is actually a mammoth goal tbh and they are in the right track with what they are doing. Gamepass is future. Like how spotify gobbled up the whole music industry, and no majority numbers of artists are unhappy with that. Likewise, Gamepass would be great for game industry as well. Their console will still be there, but just as a cheaper (compared to PC) access point of their service. They will be in a league on their own and in future these Xbox vs Playstation arguments will pretty much die. You can resist the concept as much as you want, it's basic human nature to resist big changes anyway.
  17. Many people bought stocks after the plummet. It's wise to buy stocks during that time to acquire more units. So obviously it will rise after that. Specially Sony because we are all betting Sony will come up with something. They might reveal some games!
  18. Thanks for the information. Will wait out then.....definitely.
  19. https://www.ign.com/articles/horizon-forbidden-west-preorders-ps4-ps5-save-10-dollars?utm_source=twitter There's no point of discussing this bro... People, fanboys are fine with PS5 version not being adjusted to 4k price after the announcement means people accepted the fact they will get PS4 version and upgrade (who knows the information). And PS5 disc and digital will have 5k price as it's "Next gen" PS5 tag infused version. I tried to raise issue, but someone will come defending Sony's honour anyway. Jaane do. get 4k PS4 version and pray once the DLCs will come you won't have much trouble upgrading. Or you don't have to pay more because officially, you will be having PS4 disc containing PS4 SKU and SONY doesn't have any consistency about DLC or upgrade policy and pricing.
  20. I personally would have liked the Deluxe edition as physical, want those digital goodies, artbooks and all...but unlike many other games, HZD doesn't have that on physical nor there is any option to upgrade the deluxe version from normal.
  21. Because Sony doesn't want you to know that it contains free upgrade in official buy pages. And its working.... in PS5 groups, lots of general and common people are still unaware about the free upgrade.
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