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  1. All of this is done, still it shows up as locked my nephews a/c, my a/c is primary. HE is only here for 4 days, don't want to sub for a month just for that in his a/c...
  2. So i activated psplus deluxe 7-day trial on my ps4, but other a/c on this ps4 is unable to play downloaded games? Can't share ps4 plus games? Bought games can be played on both a/cs, anybody know what's up?
  3. Ya, i know that, saw a streamer play gow 2 through streaming, was hoping there was a way for us to play without that option?
  4. Anyways, anyway to play gow 1 & 2, from the original trilogy? Via ps plus? 2 is the only one i haven't played, would like to play them one after another...
  5. Damit, the one year i took ps plus, didn't get any games i actually wanted to play. The moment it ended, 1 month was crash 4, then 2nd month, we got yakuza 7/thps 1&2.
  6. Dark Souls Remaster - Completed Journey 6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
  7. lmao, so it's "built from the ground up" when charging 70$ and not when justifying the same gameplay as before, what BS!
  8. Captain, Yes Captain
  9. On this momentous occasion of TLOU Remake gameplay reveal, i think we should encapsulate this occasion in a good song...what say you guys? Like n subscribe to this comment if yay
  10. Poem? Don't think there's any real demand for one of those. However, I feel like TLOU Remake gameplay reveal is too big an event not to get it's own song. 2 likes and i get to work on it, have just the right song in mind for it
  11. Bhai, kabhi i am an alt-a/c, kabhi others are my alt-a/c...wtf is this sh*t
  12. How the hell does SONY expect us to enjoy this 2013 game with tank controls?
  13. Bruh, he meant what he meant
  14. Right now, i have a ps4/acer nitro lappy. Will be getting a new pc in a couple of months time, but till then, will have to make do. Have decided to start now with what i have. All of this is gonna be pretty noobish, i know, so bear with me I need recommendations for the following: - Recording softwares for pc/consoles - Additional gear besides console n pc. How do you record with a ps4? Is the in-console capture software gonna be enough? Should i get a capture card or something. Which would be a good one? What about more space? A new hdd? Mic recommendations? Pls. recommend the cheapest ones that will provide decent quality. Don't wanna invest too much if nobody's watching them Thnx.
  15. gamer_adi


    Nice, game does look good, Annapurna are so good for the industry, they publish so many varied indie games
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