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  1. Yes, but were you man enough to kill every last enemy in the game?
  2. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    Surely you jest, bro! Crappy Exoprime that nobody asked for. NO DD2, just a 10 year anniversary video announcement. Next gen upgrade announcement for 3 re titles that most have played. 20 seconds of re4 gameplay. MH Rise dlc stuff. RE8 DLC about Rose. KLPD, that's what capcom showcase was, imho.
  3. Ah yes, Day 1, the only way to play
  4. So what's this i am hearing about ponies harassing kojipro for going with M$?
  5. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    what a disappointing showcase, was hoping for a proper re4 blowout...
  6. gamer_adi


    lmao, people who were criticizing the tlou1 remake without getting personal were also told that "they were ruining it for the fans who are excited for it". Gimme a break. Suddenly, the rules tend to change soon as the games doesn't have a SONY logo in them.
  7. gamer_adi


    Every trailer they show, it's the same thing. It's like they made 1 level, and a couple of guns and enemy types, and called it a game.
  8. gamer_adi


    Gonna be epic, i can feel it.
  9. 'nuf said! Played inside last year, absolutely blown away by that masterpiece. This looks interesting too.
  10. Cocoon by inside and limbo creator? Wo Long looked interesting.
  11. gamer_adi


    No way any team can handcraft 1000 planets, most will be for material gathering busy work type throwaway planets, so long as the handcrafted main planets and a few side-planets are great, nobody will care.
  12. gamer_adi


    the moment he said 1000 planets, i was like "here we go again"
  13. Nothing blew me apart like the two Hellblade showcases did in their earlier presentations, so wanted to see something from it again
  14. True, too much hype, should have been 45 mins. max. Keep it short n sweet, keep sea of thieves, grounded type stuff out of the main show, save plenty time.
  15. So, nobody wants to discuss it? Kojipro no pony?
  16. Ya, but was pretty sure they were gonna showcase avowed, from the tweets leauding up to this event. Also what the hell happened to machine games? hmm... Anyways, gp ftw! P345 on GP now. No diablo 4 on ps4? How big is that, damn.
  17. Damn, how beautiful was it? Calling it right now, STARFIELD GOTY 2023... Disappointed about lack of wolfy, hellblade, and avowed.
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