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  1. Which region Nintendo account should I make? also, if there is any earlier post about Switch starter tips made by anyone before, please quote it for me. Many thanks!
  2. Yes, when you are listening to Apple Music wirelessly on any high end headphones, it will always be AAC codec which is lossy. Only way to experience what Apple Music is really capable of is to use a good quality DAC/Amp with a high-end wired headphone with Apple’s lightning to camera USB adapter and using lossless/hi-res lossless tier in settings of Apple Music. Then, you can experience the actual difference. No other way to do it.
  3. Thanks a ton! I have noted the list. I have also sourced Mario Odyssey yesterday. Hyped!
  4. This is wrong because game developers and artists don’t decide how they are going to make money with the end product ie the game
  5. 0verlord


    This is a really good connect!! Can’t wait to play this sometime soon
  6. I bought smash ultimate to start with, I'll also play fall guys. I don't have any genre preference, I just want to experience what Nintendo game are all about - currently have a lot of fatigue of PS5 and XSX games. I am concurrently playing GotG and Elden Ring now
  7. Ham will win today and go on to win wdc, they’ve got their pace back
  8. I finally bought Nintendo Switch OLED 😁 ordered today Problem is that I have ₹6k credit with Gameloot and I want to buy Switch games with that. BotW and Mario Odyssey were my top choices but both out of stock. Metroid Dread and Luigi Mansion 3 are also not available. I’ve signed up for a notification when they are back in stock. Any other suggestions for games on Gameloot or F2P games on Switch? I know Fall Guys is F2P also, any starter tips for new Switch owners?? There might be already an earlier post on starter tips, please quote them for me, thanks!
  9. Outer wilds is one of the greatest experiences
  10. Please suggest the best phone streaming gaming controller you’ve tried and available in India
  11. I am in same dilemma as you. I have ps5, XSX and Gamepass. These 2 console have a same type of games Switch on the other hand has its own unique but terrific games. So, we could play Switch games despite too much backlog on ps5 and xsx.
  12. “If the game you’re playing supports 1440p rendering you can experience native 1440p output on your display.” so we will get 1440p at 60-120fps graphics options in games? if yes, I’ll always take this over 4K30 even though TV is 4K
  13. I found that Halo Infinite gives me the maximum satisfaction if I only have time to play in short bursts. I accumulated nearly 190 hours of play time in Halo MP mostly in this ‘short bursts’ playing segment, not even bored yet
  14. 0verlord


    Damn, will have to buy ps extra to play this game to watch this video
  15. Yes, now I am happy!
  16. Day 1 or go home also - PC guys paying 3000+ for a 4 year old game = PS5 seems to be the best option with ps extra then XSX with Gamepass then PC
  17. You can get official keychain, mug or pen stand across the world depending on availability
  18. No, it isn’t local printed mug. It’s official and available across the world with physical pre-orders. Here’s an example from a random country physical seller.
  19. Enamel mugs are high quality, durable, used in military (bhag milkha bhag movie) I think enamel material enables high quality printing of the artwork with good durability of mug - good choice for a collectible
  20. iPhones and other electronics also follow the basic ₹/$ exchange rate logic which is that pricing in ₹ is done such that it covers their best estimates of potential depreciation of ₹
  21. Great. Any indication/rumours of Indian price? 50k?
  22. yes, especially since they are charging full fat ₹5000 for which you can buy any fresh AAA game
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