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  1. Both are from UK, both are original....once i opened i even saw the thx2all gamers etc etched inside. It is indeed a lottery and that's what pisses me. Nintendo used to be so reliable, not anymore.
  2. I have 2 Pro controllers, one of them drifts, other doesn't. I have fixed it with internal cleaning but don't know how long it would last. Also it's easier to just change the analogs on the joycons, here it requires soldering n all so it's beyond me.
  3. Pro Controllers do drift, it's just that they take a long time to as compared to joycons. There are numerous tutorials on Youtube too of how to fix their drifting.
  4. Hamilton is such a whiny a*s. Drives off track, doesn't give the position back. Starts crying over racing with with Perez. So glad he lost. Interest in F1 restored.
  5. Congrats...didn't you buy an electric scooter recently too.
  6. UC2 co-op is my best gaming memory. Also the single player in UC2 is epic.
  7. I feel hard mode is the way the developers actually intend the games to be.
  8. It has been the case since before…might be that being prime helps, not sure.
  9. Manually added from wishlist to cart, then bot took over.
  10. I was able to get a disc version off amazon at 12. But rest of the sites kept glitching. Gamestheshop didn't even open.
  11. Gamestheshop is apparently getting stock but i can't open their website
  12. Digital Edition was available at a lot of places this time.
  13. They keep releasing newer models every year. Best is to visit the showroom and get the one which suits your height the best. Between these aren't the only two worth checking out. There are plenty of bike styled scooters out as well but those are pretty costly.
  14. Keep your Thunderbird and buy an Activa for her.
  15. It feels plastic, like a toy. Tyres being too small every bump/pothole has to be navigated carefully. And the brakes don't give any confidence that it'll actually stop in an emergency. Wife drives it now and i still use it for simple errands within colony. For me it's not for actual roads. Again your requirements may be different.
  16. I sold my Thunderbird thinking it too cumbersome a bike (maintenance etc)...went to Activa but it didn't feel right. Now am back to Bullet 500. Your requirements may be different but consider all aspects before selling. Also the price you'll get is less than half of what you paid.
  17. Thanks i used the second Thanks, i've redeemed this.
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