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  1. I would have quoted you. But for some reason you deleted it. Clearly you yourself saw it as too much trolling.
  2. This is nothing compared to what you did.
  3. Ohk. I see. You can be nice and say that too.
  4. Damn. Such incredible value and easy to follow instructions. Sony is spoiling us.
  5. Have been playing this game for 2 days. It's a meditative experience. Just the palette cleanser needed after highly intense titles like the Ascent. Went to Pangong Tso in Ladakh. Attempted to reach Tapovan near Gangotri glacier. Couldn't find it. Need to enter coordinates. I have trekked there but everything looks different from high in air.
  6. Dude where is Sony first party AAA exclusive? It has been 64 days since Ratchet and Clank launched. MS just launched first ever AAAA game ever made with Flight Simulator just 15 days ago.
  7. It has same I/O as Series X. Dude your trolling quality is getting better.
  8. For 65k it's extremely good deal. Make sure it's in good condition that's all. 3050 based laptop's are more expensive than that.
  9. They have to fix it. It is the only way people will get excited about Witcher 4 or any other future game. Their reputation is at rockbottom. Even if they released Witcher 4 trailer, they will get laughed out of the room. They need to give it 1-2 yrs of development time and launch proper next gen versions.
  10. Vaibhavp

    The Ascent

    Just finished this game yesterday at lvl 28 and after 27 hrs. Last levels were super intense. But not impossible in coop. Highly recommended.
  11. I am new here. Still getting a feel. Reason given for ban was "spam". And I had made 2 posts in that thread in 2-3 days. Weird.
  12. Vaibhavp

    The Ascent

    Yup. No organic growth in their studios.
  13. So you can get perma ban here. So radicaldude and ank are chasing perma or what? I thought they were chasing some higher status by increasing their post count.
  14. Vaibhavp

    The Ascent

    Looks even better and atmospheric than that other big game from a much bigger company.
  15. Well deserved. He is console designer, marketing team, ceo of his company, all rolled into one.
  16. Vaibhavp

    The Ascent

    Music in this game In fact entire audiovisual presentation Game is hard and is satisfying in Dark Souls kind of way. Feels great when you get through a tough section.
  17. Stalker 2 has been upgraded to UE5. Cool. Maybe other games using it are not far off.
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