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  1. Morocco is a moron footballing team. What they play is not football at all. Its park the bus for 90 mins and hope for a lucky goal. If not for pens, they would never win anything in the world. Revolution lmao. Play that pathetic football in your backyard. Undeserving to be in the semis. Worst footballing team ever to play in the WC. Hope they dont qualify next time if they continue to play sh*t like this.
  2. Ronaldo played in Premier League, La liga, Seria A and won everywhere Messi played in La Liga only and now in the farmers league End of life long debates
  3. Whole world wants to see Messi win it now. Please Please let him win it.
  4. South Korea vs Portugal - 1-2 Ghana vs Uruguay - 1-1 Cameroon vs Brazil - 1-3 Serbia vs Switzerland - 0-1
  5. Netherlands vs Qatar = 6-0 Ecuador vs Senegal = 2-2 Wales vs England = 0-2 Iran vs USA = 1-1 (2 Red Cards) Oops i m late
  6. Japan vs Costa Rica 2-1 Belgium vs Morocco 1-0 Croatia vs Canada 1-0 Spain vs Germany 1-2
  7. Also how clever of SSM to make Atreus n Angroboda the parents of Fenrir and Jormungandr. Atreus transfers the soul n angroboda looks after the Snake n fenrir. Masterful writing.
  8. Best scene in a video game. Chills. Goosebumps. Also whatta scene this was. Spectacular stuff.
  9. Tunisia vs Australia - 0-0 Poland vs Saudi Arabia = 3-0 France vs Denmark = 4-1 Argentina vs Mexico = 2-1
  10. Finished it. Once in a generation game. Speechless.
  11. Finished it. Once in a generation game. Miles ahead of 2018 game. The Blades combat was much more like gow3 here. Felt complete badass. This was more of a combination of old gow games and the new one with more narrative focus as well. One of the best combat in a video game. Few best moments i can think of: Thor Intro scene. Kratos n Thor discussing things over a table is just epic n then that gow3 opening level boss fight Interpretation of Thor n Odin was nailed. Exceptional. Atreus n World Serpent meeting was a great moment. Alfheim n Vanaheim excellent combat encounters. Loved Ironwood boss fight. Whole Draupnir sequence n that Brok n Kratos moment was truly special. Asgard Climb graphics. Wow. Odins n atreus sections were so so good. Odin was played n voiced beautifully. Garm boss fight was spectacular. Broks death man so sad. Why SSM. Didnt see that coming. Whole Surtus scene n boss fight after that,so amazing. Kratos's General Scene sent Chills. Goosebumps. Thor n Odin back to back boss fights. Holy sh*t. Epic stuff that. The Last walk in the cave n that shrine. Goosebumps. Broks funeral. Heavy. Masterpiece in every sense. Sindri is the best character in Ragnarok. Sindris outburst after Broks death was the best scene in the game. M so glad all the characters flourished. Story n execution was exceptional. Best Boss fight : Thor, Nidlhogg n Garm. Truly gow3 stuff. I wish we weilded Mjolnir man. Yet to do any side content yet. This is peak gaming. Once in a generation game. To have so many characters, story arcs n deliver it all is a remarkable achievement. Take a bow SSM.
  12. My Predictions: Wales 1-1 Iran Qatar 1-2 Senegal Netherlands 2-0 Ecuador England 2-0 United States
  13. Switzerland vs Cameroon - 1-0 Uruguay vs South Korea - 2-2 Portugal vs Ghana - 3-0 Brazil vs Serbia - 5-0
  14. Match Day 4 Morocco vs Croatia - 1-1 Germany vs Japan - 1-0 Spain vs Costa Rica - 4-0 Belgium vs Canada - 3-0
  15. This Game is pure Hype
  16. Match Day 3 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia = 2-0 Denmark vs Tunisia = 4-2 Mexico vs Poland = 2-3 France vs Australia = 3-1
  17. Match Day 2, prediction deadline at 6.30 PM on Monday, November 21 Group B: England 5 -2 Iran Group A: Senegal 1-4 Netherlands USA 1- 2 Wales
  18. The Hype was Real in India
  19. I completed that section.....although the middle part is un-necessary which drags but the ending 15 mins makes up for it. It`s still important part of the narrative and gameplay. Far from laughable. If ever there was a game which delivered on the Hype.....It is this game. Holy sh*t i mean. Pure Hype. So many possibilities now, lets see how batshit crazy SSM goes now.
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