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  1. All 4 games are early monthly games candidate. Hold off i would say.
  2. What? Xbox is already dead bro. Theres no exclusivity with GP now for any game coz it simply wont make revenue being on Xbox and PC only.
  3. Yes i think. It was firing shells at intervals.
  4. Whatta game. Completely Chaotic. One guy just planted a bomb turret n kaboom kaboom everything. Got killed thrice by him. Gotta watch friendly fire here. Cant wait to level up. Gun play is super good.
  5. abe chew...., forza series has huge demand as well as Gears. Only a fool will not realize this.
  6. By the time starfield loads another area, we can play a Hell divers game They need to optimize it first to pass quality check for playstation..
  7. Sony on other platforms, we will put our greatest hits to make more money coz people will pay for heavy hitters only. Nintendo if they decide to go multi platform will put out mario and zelda first. Xbox on the other hand puts 4 Indies Biggest Chumtiya gaming division ever.
  8. Animal wow. Amazing Amazing now. Everyone rocked. Whatta movie.
  9. COD on GP isnt a big deal now when you know its coming on other platforms sooner or later. Imagine MS paying platform fee to Sony for putting it on PS Taking over? Spidey just sold 10 million. Elden Ring DLC will alone sell 10 million and make more money than your paleworld can imagine.
  10. Where is that separate section? Couldn't find anything
  11. Still cant join any game. Select a planet n quickplay right?
  12. All indie bhindi games. Only game i would pay for is FH5.
  13. Decent to bad graphics. Excellent gun feedback just like Killzone. Orbital drop will never get old. Did the solo brood mission on Etanu. It was excellent. Frantic on some occasion. Just about did it. Cant join any MP game yet. Waited about 2-3 mins on different planets.
  14. Rock`s Heel turn Bring back Stone Cold and we are in the attitude era
  15. Tutorial done and as soon as i was about to dive in, power gone. 1 hour mila tha woh bhi gaya
  16. Abe chumt... i am no hope. I just like to have FUNanywhere
  17. Need to stop visiting this thread. FOMO will get to me. I dont have time
  18. Because of the quality of games like Starflop and Redfall. Thank God GP failed and high IQ individuals like you lot are very less. Gaming saved
  19. Exactly. Dheere Dheere saara samaan nikalte jayenge aur pura bik jayega phir bhi Bots bante rahende
  20. Phil : Starflop and has been Indy not coming to other consoles Phil : Any game can come on any platform. We dont want to hold back our games. Phil : Basically i cant confirm or deny anything Bots : Xbox is back. Pony sucks
  21. AAA? First Party? Xbox has these ? Where? Redfall,sea of thieves and starflop are AAA bangers kya? Only game you call AAA and good is Forza Horizon 5. Rest all crap.
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