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  1. Performance fixed on consoles now?? Sx or PS5?
  2. Kazarka

    Diablo IV

    I expect high 90s across the board.
  3. Kazarka


    Spiderman 2 gonna be incredible. Can't wait.
  4. Kazarka


    Marathon games had campaign but this game purely pvp or pvep?
  5. If something not working out then its best to cancel and move on than wasting resources on it. Creating a successful GaaS game is very hard today as there's lot of competition. You have to stand out and put lot of resources to keep players engage for long time. That said i still believe Last of Us multiplayer will shine in BR style mode. Hopefully for Last of Us 3 ND will consider it.
  6. Lol what did i say that makes you think that way. I see you have very toxic attitude towards members. I just have to ignore you from now. Anyway, i dont have energy to argue someone online. Take care and have a good day.
  7. I think Battle royale style multiplayer will work real good for The Last of us. Core mechanics last of us will work wonderfully in BR mode.
  8. I understand preservation argument and its a valid argument, but unless you buying from GOG there's no preserving pc games today. Most pc games comes with DRM which forces you to do online verification check even if you buy physical copy. If steam goes down then your most physical games wont work anyway.
  9. Im a bot coz i have a different opinion than you and i prefer digital?lol. You go around labelling people on forum if they disagree with you? I didn't call you a pony or ps fanboy or whatever term people use for PS fanboys, just because you like physical copies?. You like physical coz its your personal preference and there's nothing wrong in it, similarly there's nothing wrong if someone else prefer digital over physical. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. I choose digital always over physical now for games and even movies if i have the option. I have unlimited 1gbs fibre broadband, so downloading games faster and more convenient for me.
  10. So if someone prefer digital he is a bot? PC gamers buying digital games since Xbox 360 days, they bot as well? It personal preference, not everyone likes boxed copies lying in their house. Come on now. Your post makes no sense. Most of your arguments are extremely weak and childish.
  11. Lol There's no truth or facts when it comes to those two fanboys. If you see thread history and way the post, no sensible person will take them seriously.
  12. Kazarka


    Same here. I buy all my stuff digitally now. Can't deal with physical boxes lying around my house. Lol
  13. I think Its gonna work like GTAV where you switch between different characters anytime you want except when you doing certain story missions
  14. Any reason they starting from MGS3 not mgs1? Will it not confuse new fans who looking to get into the series with this new remake?? Im not hardcore fan. I only played MGS4, V and Revengeance but i watched my cousin played MGS3 on PS2 but myself never tried it.
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