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  1. I have only completed ff7 crisis core on PSP and loved every minute of it. Is it the same game as crisis core? Cos when I played the demo it felt like I've played these levels before
  2. Usually their 't' version models are better than the base version. So I assume that these features will come in oneplus 8t.
  3. Sex education both the seasons we're really good... Can't wait for the next one Also Finished 2 seasons of money heist It was good.....nothing great imo.....felt it to be way too hyped Will maybe start Ozark next
  4. Non plus members may not have uc collection neither would have played it on the ps3.....it's awesome that they're giving it out for free
  5. Meanwhile the OnePlus 8 and 8 pro is more of a flagship now.... 699$ and 799$ respectively Bc they used to advertise their phones as a flagship killer.....now they've joined the dark side
  6. 120 hours? I thought they released just a part of the game right? As In. Episodic release
  7. No it wasn't I feel that IGN should have given it a 9......cos usually they dish out 9s and 10s like candy But ya as CC mentioned it .....its not mixed at all
  8. Gamespot -10 IGN -8 Wtf such mixed reviews make up your mind please ??‍♂️
  9. Finished the game yesterday...oh man what a final chapter.....it was so intense! Got the bad ending due to my negligence somewhere during the earlier parts of the game . ....ah well ??‍♂️ Overall a really good game The only part I didn't like was
  10. Saw a miniseries called the stranger.... despite what the ratings say I felt it was worth watching Also done with love death & robots....it was really good
  11. Can't wait!!! though season 1 was awesome..... The show got way better after season 1
  12. Kids watching a ps5 architecture explanation video.....what do you expect
  13. Loved the demo but wtfthis is so annoying :/
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