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Dark_Knight's Feedback

  1. _Hellsboy_ left Positive feedback   

    Nice pricing timely delivery and great packaging . Dark_knight owns jooo...

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  2. Sufyan left Positive feedback   

    Smooth hassle-free deal.Excellent buyer.A+++

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  3. abhi1980 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with :) hassle free

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  4. Xtrovert left Positive feedback   

    Good Deal , Prompt Payment , Excellent guy , Highly recommended 10/10

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  5. jackhammer06 left Positive feedback   

    10/10,....Fast shipping,great condition of game as promised.A++ Seller.

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  6. TonyMontana left Positive feedback   

    My 2nd trade with him...look forward to more. Absolutely hassle-free, timely communication & dispatch. A+++

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  7. kumarab left Positive feedback   

    Prompt payment. Excellent guy to deal with

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  8. cyclops left Positive feedback   

    Really trustworthy guy...Highly recommended.

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  9. wangoballwimeagain left Positive feedback   

    Great dealing with him. Prompt shipment. Definitely recommended

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  10. ghb left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Hassle free payment and excellent communication. Definitely recommended!!

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  11. TonyMontana left Positive feedback   

    Great packaging, excellent communication. Good guy to deal with. Highly Recommended

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  12. abhi1980 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. fast payment :) A+++

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  13. TheITWares left Positive feedback   

    Gr8 Buyer A+++++++++ Will like to Deal Again!! :)

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  14. VelivolusDas left Positive feedback   

    Very good buyer.......... Got the payment in almost no time.......

    Dark_Knight was The Buyer

  15. gonekrazy3000 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. Prompt delivery and great communication. Definitely look forward to more deals with him :)

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  16. DealinGames left Positive feedback   

    got all of my 8 games

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  17. tushiq left Positive feedback   

    awssome seller

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  18. kemosabe left Positive feedback   

    excellent seller

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  19. Karooo left Positive feedback   

    awesome guy

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  20. Noctis left Positive feedback   

    Game received in excellent condition and was shipped quickly. Great seller.

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  21. blitzkreiig left Positive feedback   

    Disc was in mint condition as described......Recommended seller.

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  22. Bulovski left Positive feedback   

    Good seller.

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  23. Major-Minor left Positive feedback   

    Super Awesome Seller, great pricing, communication, packaging and super fast shipping. Highly recommended. A++

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  24. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Awesome seller. Great prices, fast shipping. I just hope you'll be back in gaming real soon. :)

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

  25. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    received in excellent condition, great guy to deal with :)

    Dark_Knight was The Seller

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