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    Gears 5

    GEARS OPENING WEEK (UK) GEARS OF WAR: 100K GEARS 2: 220K GEARS 3: 323K GEARS JUDGEMENT: 80K GEARS UE: 40K GEARS 4: 92K GEARS 5: 23k https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamesindustry.biz/amp/2018-11-13-phil-spencer-game-pass-leads-to-more-game-sales
  2. And why did Aussies Play Siddle? What a useless bowler that guy is
  3. KnackChap


    Yup he even said man of Medan is tracking above control which no one believed and yet here we are. Both NPD and pal charts show mom tracking well above control.
  4. KnackChap


    Sony should just negotiate with rockstar for the Max Payne ip and get remedy to do a reboot of the series.
  5. Yu sukuzi is literally the creator of the 3d fighting genre and the combat system in s1&2 is based of virtua fighter 3, a series which is considered by many as the best in business. Its just that the combat system hasn't aged well at all. Even in yakuza the older vf games are janky as hell while tekken still holds up. Here the fighting looks a floaty and dumbed down. And I don't think that book stack stuff was a mini game, it's a pain in the a*s yes but it's a classic martial art movie trope where the master makes to do some odd random stuff for days before teaching you a special move.
  6. Yup. Kojima tweeted earlier that if you trust him go blind into the game. Kinda wish I did that. Didn't understand a single word (was in Japanese) but the 50 mins just flew by. Started off as a slow burn with similar mission as the gamescom trailer ( new job celeb reveal) but then it becoming crazier and crazier. Dark souls shared messaging stuff but here you also share equipments and even bikes, a bit of minecraft where the stuff you build can be seen/used by other players for eg a rain shelter, a bridge across a river etc. Mgs 5 stuff like base infiltration, stealth and combat gameplay, and a boss fight in an insane environment. Lots of survival stuff, lots of systems at Play and finally huge huge inspirations from Zelda breath of the wild when it comes to traversal.
  7. Official title. Yakuza 7: like a dragon english release confirmed and trailer
  8. 50 min gameplay demo starts in 15 mins. Live stream here.
  9. Not watching the cutscene trailers anymore. Mgs5 got spoiled cause of it.
  10. Epic trailer. And that ff 8 opening like end to the trailer.
  11. Confirmed. 49 min long footage tomorrow.
  12. PS3/PS4 UI is called XMB short-form for cross media bar. 🤯
  13. Their older models are made in India like se and maybe 8 and they were supposed to make flagships here too. Don't think it's being done yet. Price will come down when everything gets manufactured here
  14. Dont think there will be any hands on demo so soon. It's just a day before outbreak day so I expect lots of details. Gameplay demo + trailers, mp details, retail editions etc. And just maybe they'll officially announce the new naughty dog San Diego studio who will support in the MP.
  15. KnackChap

    Gears 5

    Does the game run at 60fps on the base Xbox one or one s? If not most of the people playing the game won't be playing at 60 fps. Going through the last few pages & one gets a feeling that it is locked 60 across all platforms.
  16. On the contrary, the failure of the lander has done more to spread space awareness amongst the masses than a successful landing would have. Even freakin hindi channels are 24X7 discussing about, thrusters, boosters, cryogenic engines, rovers and what not. Byt the time ISRO's next big mission hits the atmosphere would be unreal.
  17. They're still maintaining that they'll try to establish connection within the next 14 days. Let's see..... Anyways gaganyaan (manned mission) is supposed to be the next big project. This is certain to generate tremendous curiosity as we get closer to launch. IAF already selected the first bunch of people who will be the chosen 3.
  18. England needs another Ben stokes miracle tomorrow.
  19. Maybe we might get high res photos of the landing area when the orbiter comes back. The total success of the lander and rover were very vital to what they would do with the mars orbiter 2. Will they go with a lander + rover again or just send an orbiter.
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