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  1. So for sony ponies video games more important than life and health of developers? You seriously expect devs from Ukrain to release a game when they getting invaded by Russia? Someone who never played a console, you sure worried about xbox and PS games alot? Buy console then worry about PS or Xbox games and their release date.
  2. If i bought a code from prepaid gamer for cheap then how Sony knows i got it for cheap?
  3. Horizon FW got complete curb stomped by Elden ring. I liked the game alot but most people forgot and moved on from it moment Elden ring came out.
  4. *No single AAA game since launch.* -Rv *All people quitting game pass*. - Radical *All acquisitions and announced games are a lie. Xbox committed a fraud* - Ank. All hail Holy pony trinity
  5. From now on im not replying to troll who dont own nextgen system. Join the club only then i take your post seriously lol
  6. Thats exactly what you posted. But it looks like you yourself don't know what you talking about. You just type sh*t without thinking. This proves we have bots planted by Jim Ryan lol
  7. What fraud? You saying those announced games are a lie and will never come out? 35 studios they bought just to fool people?80b dollar was spend to fool people?
  8. Article date March 2020 before covid started 20-21 year of covid pandemic. Multiple projects delayed.
  9. Xbox was not in position to handle Spiderman coz people in management wont clear funding for Xbox for big projects outside of Halo n all. MS could have easily funded whatever they wanted but after disastrous 2013 launch, MS had no confidence in Xbox and many executives looked Xbox as waste of money. People like Terry wanted MS to quit gaming altogether. Today, Xbox gets full support of MS for almost everything . MS cleared 80b for Xbox in last 4 years plus they continue to dump money into game pass and also fund multiple first party projects. MS between 2014-17 was not intersted in funding xbox anymore and that coz of leadership like Terry Myerson n all. There are documentaries and articles i can post to prove my point as well. There's no denying what i said. Its a fact and whole world knows it.
  10. Trial for Uncharted collection? BC pooraney games k trial. I thought they will give trials of brand new games.
  11. Bro. Xbox was fighting for its existence back then. Funding was reduced and they only had like 5 studios which were already engaged in projects. Xbox made right decision to cancel it. Now if MS decline any Marvel deal now then i will agree with you coz Xbox got multiple teams and Spencer is in full power now. He president of all entertainment and devices in MS which includes Xbox.
  12. 2013 - 2017 were most dark and depressing days for Xbox. Terry Myerson was incharge of all Entertainment and devices and he cut most of fundings to Xbox. Spencer was head of Xbox but still needed approval from Terry for funding and deals and that mother f**ker Terry wanted to sell Xbox and gave no funding. Jez corden highlighted this in one Windows central article as well. Xbox was not in situation to make game like Spiderman. Spencer rightfully said no to it coz he knew Xbox dont have teams to handle Spiderman. Going with Sony was smart move, Insomniac is best choice for Spiderman game. Plus MS only had like 5 studios back then and none of them were experienced enough to take on mega project like Spiderman. Im pretty sure Spencer and team took decision after doing lot of discussion and checking every option available. But now, there are rumours of Xbox funding a Star Wars game and we all know Indiana jones game already in development by Machine games. Im sure MS will try to keep it exclusive. Atleast now we know there are games in pipeline and gonna release when they are ready but back then we had no clue what MS gonna do with Xbox.
  13. Tweets of 2 randos = All people quitting gamepass?*. Go ask your fellow ponies such dumb questions. Stop tagging me in your posts.
  14. I don't see trigger posting random nonsensical tweets 24/7. Radical follows all hardcore toxic ponies on Twitter to get his nonstop feed of bullshit about xbox to post here.
  15. All Radical does post random tweets from Twitter. Lol
  16. Fixed for you.
  17. You talking about Joe and Alpha?
  18. Horizon FW looks significantly better than PS4 version in every way but GoW R got some noticeable improvements but nothing to make it look like a nextgen game. I think Horizon FW looks better than GoW R
  19. Welcome back
  20. Assassin creed Odyssey and Valhalla combat better than W3
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