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  1. It alright, its been compared to Sekiro, NiOH, AC Odyssey etc and somehow failed in every test before its even out.
  2. Yeah Kassandra is GOAT, it feels like they made the game with her and suddenly remembered 'hey we need to give gender option for our dudes too', called in the voice actor and did all the lines in 2 days.
  3. Meh, after 20hrs I dropped it and went n read the books instead (still on 2nd book). Cutting through all the bloat and going straight for the good stuff
  4. I sometimes purposely break stealth just to run in circles and see how the AI reacts with hide and seek dynamic. Love how the stealth is re-activated as soon as you're out of sight of everyone. I think SC Conviction did it with last know position, but in that game everyone knew your last known position. Here only the guy chasing you knows where you were last seen while everyone else starts searching nearby area. This is why playing on Survivor AI is most fun because the advantage is titled so much in favor of Ellie otherwise.
  5. I hope its not a Japani Witcher 3 beyond just visuals. Don't want a boring-a*s combat for 30+ hrs.
  6. CarbonCore

    God of War

    The thing is, auto aim f**ks up your aim by drawing it towards body instead of head so you're constantly fighting with right stick. Even normal aim assist is not good because it interferes too much with actual aiming. Not that anyone playing on very easy would care since he'd have plenty of ammo to waste
  7. Tomorrow we'll be in top 3. Who would've thought this just 2 months ago.
  8. Reached Seattle day 2. I wish I had Xbox instead of Switch as a second console so I could spend more time with this game Also suppressor is OP af. More OP than what it was in Uncharted LL. Upgrading it to 5 shots almost breaks any encounter with humans even on Survivor AI.
  9. Yeah GP talk seems to trigger a lot of people. Never seen a fanbase so emotionally invested in a fking subscription service since the days of defending XBL Gold
  10. If that UE5 demo actually ran at 1440p/30 on PS5 then expect XSS to run it at 1080p/30, or 720p/60. The numbers almost perfectly fit the difference between power.
  11. Horizon ZD Sea of Thieves Halo MCC Titanfall 2 That Steam top 10 list is wild Half expecting Smash Bros to show up there.
  12. PS3 games wont work because no streaming, only downloadable stuff like PS2 and PS4. Also you can't directly subscribe because it doesn't accept local cards. You can buy sub codes from amazon US, but I just found it cheaper to just grab $1 trial accounts whenever something worthwhile appears.
  13. Metro Exodus is also on PSNow though. You could grab a $1 PSNow account off ebay and run through it in a week. Might as well get through Control.
  14. The economy makes fk'all difference to gaming, in fact it goes up when economy is down. We've seen this again and again. The US has highest percentage of unemployed people right now since 1930, yet Switch sold 100% more than average for this quarter, PS4 50% more and Xbox 25% more. TLoU2 in UK sold more copies in June than rest of the other 9 games in the top ten list combined. FIFA20+CoD+Animal Crossing+GTAV+MK8+Ring Fit+Minecraft and few others, combined. Imagine some dumbass expecting them to put it on sub day one. And if you point out how stupid they sound they get triggered and call you a shill Imagine not understanding the difference between wanting something and expecting it to happens.
  15. Maybe its time to take a break from IVG instead of constantly sh*ting in and on the forum with zero contribution. See ya in 3 months, hopefully with better appreciation of the community. Should've been when you made fun of people taking Covid-19 seriously, but eh. Of course they don't need it, not when only 2% of the install base subscribes to it. But that's not what I said, did I (comparing the two)? They have a sub in place and its been there for a long time, if they want to compete in that space they can push for it.
  16. They already do, been around since before GP. They just never advertise it as a primary reason to buy their consoles.
  17. Already top seller on Steam Thats more of an EGS and 505 thing. This one is published by Sony themselves.
  18. 2K being 2K, nothing new. On top of not supporting next-gen free upgrade, they also jacked up the price. They make EA look like saints.
  19. Not expecting it but worth noting that this guy leaked the 11th June date for PS5 event.
  20. Black Cat's suit is amazing in the game.
  21. Record cases today in both US and world. US has nearly 9% hit rate with tests. Amazing how people acted as if we beat the virus and the virus be like...
  22. Its alright when someone gives low score and then backs it up by fair criticism (like Karak). But all AJ did in his stream was complain about SJWs ruining the story and women taking over the Last of Us universe. He was furious that the 3 main characters in the game are all females. I'm not even one bit surprised that he was recently accused of being a sexual predator, then lawyered up and sent his angry army on twitter after the victim.
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