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  1. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    Like someone in the review said, its the DMC5 of shooters.
  2. Damn she looks scary without makeup.
  3. Yeah it escalates rapidly. Game has relentless pacing which is one of the few positives imo.
  4. BC expired firecrackers from last Diwali. People are nuts
  5. Starting the local trains now would be like..
  6. Placebo is very real thing and can be used to treat people. Thing is it only works as long as you don't know its a placebo. Like Dr Strange said, once they tell you what happens (like in Homeopathy), its not going to happen
  7. Btw for telling this to people on the very first page even if it was made fun of back then.
  8. There are 7 strain of Corona, COVID-19 is one of them, SARS and MERS being other. COVID-19 itself has bunch of sub-strains. Apparently the ones in EU are more deadly than US and far east.
  9. He'd be immune to exact same strain, but there are so many unknown strains of COVID-19 that its not a guarantee.
  10. Nemesis is straight up Terminator, even plays the Terminator music every time he shows up.
  11. Yeah US has been hijacking planes with masks and medical supplies destined for other countries. They're just doing it with money instead of guns. Then they wonder why the rest of the world hates them.
  12. They're really counting on the pandemic being over in next 6 months lol.
  13. Rev 2 was really good for a budget title. And now they turned Rev 3 into more first person occult crapola
  14. I dunno how they managed to cut Clock Tower. That's like cutting the village from RE4.
  15. Don't watch that trailer, has bunch of spoilers. And even if you've played the original there's so much sh*t changed and so many new plot twists that all of it can be considered new spoilers. Can't wait for the reaction of people who'll go in expecting 1:1 remake or something close to it
  16. I think it got demoted hard and went into orbital depression.
  17. Yo wtf planet no 9 is not Mars. There aren't even 9 planets anymore
  18. RIP The game would've narrowly missed the pandemic if it had come out on original date.
  19. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    I remember there was a mod for Doom 2016 that let you swap weapons with press confirm instead of release confirm which made them swap real quick. Dunno if someone made the same mod for Eternal.
  20. This is why Italy got into the current shitstorm.
  21. US numbers are not even for full day. NY alone is expected to have more deaths tomorrow than Italy ever did in a single day. It's incredible that they still don't have nationwide lockdown, and even in locked down states the big malls like Walmart and Target are still open.
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