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  1. I actually had to google Dexter to check the total number of seasons as i remember watching more than 4. I was like I gotta go to a psychiatrist as I have imagined extra seasons of dexter when there are just 4. Time flies man. Cant believe last season aired way back in 2013.
  2. I guess this needs to be posted here. Due to the amount of google search and discussion in this thread about TVs in general my google feed is full of articles on Oled Qled. https://www.whathifi.com/amp/news/lg-cx-and-gx-oled-tvs-now-support-4k120hz-with-dolby-vision
  3. in case anyone wants to try a different type of fish. i just love this one for the taste and it is priced lower than a regular red snapper. available only in Pune and Mumbai I guess. https://www.freshtohome.com/big-eye-snapper-large.html
  4. Yuck. major national treasure vibes eww. some movies need a stellar star cast.
  5. QN90A makes sense only if you go for the 50" version. No one in his right mind should spend more than a lac on on the 55" version.
  6. Rich man's dexter bhai. Hum sabne dexter gareebo ke tarah nav par chadke dekha hai.
  7. Ab aise describe karoge toh kisko dal fry acha nahi lagega.
  8. Maybe stupid question but does the stick come with subscription to the mentioned apps or do you have to pay for it? And how much? Not a stupid question as I dont pay a paisa for any of the streaming services. But for people who are not me, regular subscription costs for all individual service.
  9. Ah! I have hotstar app in samsung apps store but like amazon fire stick it doesnt allow me to select streaming quality. Luckily I have an ul net connection.
  10. Fire stick is normally required for tvs that dont have a good app support or android right? It would be a waste on latest smart tvs?
  11. It's black and white like kota factory. What's so good about that?
  12. It has got to be an OLED. Mostly by LG.
  13. Yeah no good guys in the family. Tom is fine. Gregg needs to be dead.
  14. So I finished season 1 of succession. If I have anything to learn from this series I would say every business family should let the children become their own person first. This one is so different from all other series in which they just show how people are a dark horse. This one is more tuned to reality.
  15. Why? Is it starring Kamaal Khan as Venom and Rakh Savant as Spiderwoman?
  16. I negotiate really hard but i go soft on them sometimes and buy without negotiating as I want such stores to survive. I alone have purchased worth 3 to 4 lacs from them. That's a lot in terms of repeat business.
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