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  1. Tht was a lucky win. sh*t performance. Ffs arteta, play a cam dude. Play cebalos there if you hate ozil. They played high line n we couldnt cut them though Dont be a Emery Mikel or you suffer same fate.
  2. I bought launch ps4 jan 6th 2014 so assume it will be by Jan maybe
  3. Can someone update for me Funanywhere Arsenal
  4. And what proof you have of XSX power? Answer is Zero. Nothing has been shown.lol. It will look marginally better than PS5,nothing substancial.
  5. Please stop after 3 goals. Let me score one then you can dance however you like. Telling you in advance, game is sh*t. Absolute sh*t
  6. So PS5 is not in stock coz of bots. Many on Ebay lol. So it isnt doing that well then
  7. Its USA. Not indian. Can we use ps plus on usa account and play online on Indian account?
  8. What is this lying about thing btw? What is the problem doing cross gen when say Horizon n Miles are built for PS5 groudup? In xbox case,isnt Series S the bottleneck? Why is Sony being blamed here. Is there some statement by Jim i missed?
  9. hope

    Hogwarts Legacy

    So harry potter movies are also sh*t now
  10. Are bhai, ghutne ko todha tel lagao toh chalega todha Bantu gang is rofl
  11. hope

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Time Draws near and people went Nuts
  12. Ofcourse they will. They have nothing new to show anyways. It isnt strategy, it is necessary. Looks like you are also part of Bantu Gang.
  13. You, Zodak and Trigger are the Bantu Gang.
  14. Use PS now for that. There is a specific service for it, you should know that. Sony was clear from start about this. Bantu is a person who is ill informed. So you are Bantu ok.
  15. Are Bantu. Why would there be BC for ps2 n ps3 Sony Clear the BC thing ffs. Too confusing.
  16. hope

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Whos directing this? Dont think its Cory Barlog. Some Williamson i think.
  17. 2 products i am looking to buy One is increased by 1k One is same Howdafaq is this sale
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