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  1. Ya next they should send Shardul with a license to hit. If we lose Shardul and pant early drop anchor.
  2. Should go for a win from here, even if we lose, so be it.
  3. Maybe, but I have anyway always maintained, he is a bit over rated, he still does not deserve a 100% seat. His calm presence is probably something that works in his favour.
  4. And gone, though I liked the intent. ya, and this time that one good innings also had few drops. He needs to really rework his game.
  5. He is hitman in subcontinent and Shitman in SENA
  6. Amazon sale has started you can pick PS5 games or accessories at 10% discount.
  7. Jo bhi hoga, par maza aa gaya.
  8. It will be tough if he gets out and listens to you stand there, saying i will hold this end, no matter what happens Your enthu is brilliant though
  9. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/australia-vs-india-miya-bhai-mohammed-siraj-lives-his-father-s-dream-to-the-fullest-1248327
  10. Hitman if it is overcast will survive only 5 overs at max And there is no need to go for it, getting 324 runs in 90 overs is almost batting at 3.6 rpo, which is pretty tough with likes of rahane and Chepu. Just play on the merit of balls and score and not play rash shots. though i secretly hope that when i wake up we are indeed 90-100/0 after 32 overs.
  11. Nope kohli has made it clear till pandya is bowling he can't be considered for Test team. Pandya apparently wants to start bowling only near T20 world cup.
  12. Na kohli prefers a fast bowling all rounder.
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