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  1. Congrats. Booked the white City VX myself last week. Did you get the basic accessories package from Honda? I am thinking of skipping it and getting the mat from outside. Besides the car mat the other stuff included in the kit is pretty useless. How's the ownership experience so far?
  2. I'm hoping for WWE2k22 before the year ends.
  3. I have the pulse 3D. It was easier to locate enemies in Returnal on the pulse headset than the other 2 devices I tried (sennheiser HD 599 se and Fiio fh3). As far as comfort goes it is pretty light weight but the ear cups are small and the cushions are shallow. The leatherette material causes heat build up around your ears. It might be OK for a couple hours of gaming before it starts getting uncomfortable, your mileage may vary though.
  4. Finished watching season 1 of Sandman. Didn't like the second half as much as the first 6 episodes but its still one of best shows Netflix has put out since Arcane.
  5. Is it the one with Death? That and the Hell episodes were my favourites so far. I really wanna watch the rest right now but I'm waiting for night time for that pitch black oled viewing. The wait is really testing my patience lol.
  6. I've heard about the comics but never read them. I went into the show completely blind and it's been a blast. I much prefer the type content from Vertigo over the mainline DC stuff.
  7. If you have a dolby vision capable TV, make sure to watch it in the dark. One of the most visually striking shows I've seen. It's use of dark scenes and neon lights is just eye porn. The sound design is amazing too. Technically this show is a masterpiece. A really good showpiece for folks with home theater setups.
  8. Sandman on Netflix is so freaking good! Everything from the casting to the visuals and direction is top notch. Binged half the season in one go, can't wait to finish the rest. It's been a while since I've felt so strongly about a TV show.
  9. I'm not sure what you're getting at. You basically agreed with what I said initially. That is , wired iems for music and tws for everything else. And where did I mention about closed back headphones?
  10. Xm4's are very dark by default. Your perception of neutrality will be skewed if you use that as a frame of reference. But yeah, being bass heavy doesn't hurt for non competitive gaming and movies. Besides the convenience of wireless makes it a no brainer for non music related stuff.
  11. BTW, if you are listening wireless, it is not lossless. It doesn't matter what the source says. There are no lossless wireless audio codecs in existence right now. Even LDAC, which is considered the best wireless codec and has the highest theoretical bit rate is a lossy codec.
  12. I can see unboxing videos of the ma 750 that are more than 8 years old. And no, most of the chi fi stuff didn't exist back then. I'd be willing to bet your rha wouldn't even be top 10 under 10k now. And dongles are a thing. If someone is willing to go through the inconvenience of using a wired earbud for better sound quality, carrying a dongle along with the iem isn't much of reach.
  13. I don't have experience with the rha but they do seem to be quite old now. Iem's especially chi fi has made tremendous improvements in the low-mid tier space. Comparing the xm4's with the IE300 may be unfair but they're still a lot worse than my fiio fh3's which are quite a bit cheaper. You could get Moondrop Aria's for 7k which no tws is going to be able keep up with.
  14. Not a fan of the xm4's. They're too large and sticks out too much making them unsuitable to lie down with. The sound quality is also a bit of a let down. They sound too dark and boxy. Not even on the same galaxy compared to my IE 300's. They do have great noise cancellation though. My advice to anyone considering these tws earbuds is if you have decent sounding iem, these tws buds will never come close to matching them in sound quality. So just choose the smallest, lightest and cheapest one for convenience, voice calls and watching videos and listening to podcasts. Use your iem for music.
  15. Nikushimi


    Yeah Returnal relies on RNG the most. With Hades there are ways to manipulate RNG. With Sifu there are different inputs for block and evade and you have to input the appropriate block/evade depending on high/low attacks. It's more like a typical fighting game in this regard and needs good reflexes. With Returnal there is only one dodge key and it gives a generous amount of i-frames.
  16. Nikushimi


    Returnal and Hades relies more on knowledge of game mechanics and builds. Sifu is more reliant on reflexes. I would say Sifu is easier to pick up than Returnal or Hades but harder to master.
  17. Finished As Dusk Falls. Really enjoyed it, gonna start a second playthrough to see how things turn out in a different path. You guys should give this game a go. I think its fantastic.
  18. It's sad really. For a while Flipkart were genuine competetors to Amazon. As things stand now, Amazon will have monopoly over the etailer space and that is never going to be good for consumers.
  19. Been enjoying As Dusk Falls. The story so far is engaging and the characters are interesting. I love the graphic novel like art style . Gameplay wise it is the typical interactive story mechanic we've seen before minus the janky character controls. The game just focus on story telling doesn't pretend to be anything more than an interactive novel, which I love.
  20. If the images from the main shooter is within the same ballpark as flagship cameras, that should be good enough. Will have to make a purchase on the upcoming sale during the weekend. I'm inching towards the pixel. I've never tried a pixel phone before, would be good to have a pixel phone to play with. Might be something I'd look to get into myself in the distant future if I end up liking the pixel experience.
  21. Yikes! I didn't realise the camera hardware is carried over from the pixel 4 series. I was expecting the same camera from the pixel 6. Camera is her biggest requirement. She uses my s22 ultra for her camera needs, so the bar of expectation is pretty high
  22. She has an old Redmi note 7 pro for exchange. Flipkart is offering additional bonus on exchange for the pixel 6a (7.5k vs 5k on other phones). This along with the cashback offers would bring the price down to ~32k. It's weird that the phone is available for purchase but we are yet to see reviews on it from the usual suspects.
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