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  1. PS4 community will be important in the sense that they need PS4 owners to switch over to PS5. They can do that by releasing true next gen games on the PS5, not half assing ports over to an 8 year old system.
  2. Got me a Zelos Swordfish. Pretty good specs with a full lume dial and tool less quick adjust. 30k including taxes etc imo is very good value for what it is (titanium case and bracelet, sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel, NH35 movement).
  3. Don’t really care about cross gen support for the PS4. I have no intention of paying for a game on PS4 when I know I can play a better version of it on the PS5. Plenty of PS4 games out there that I haven’t yet bought and even more that I have bought and not played. Imma chill with my PS4 for the next 12-18 months and hopefully by then Sony would have sorted all the early adopter hiccups and I can buy a solid console with a decent library of proper next gen titles. I just need all my PS4 library to carry over to PS5. I don’t want to keep around 2 consoles and I don’t want to lose all my PS4 games either.
  4. It is poetic justice that an eye poke contributed to DC’s downfall in his supposed final match. Now just need the same to happen to Bones as well, preferably by someone who’s roided to the gills. Both notorious eye pokers.
  5. Yeah that’s par for the course once your collection starts growing. I track the accuracy for about a week just to make sure I didn’t get a lemon. Winding your watch and setting the time is part of the charm as mechanical pieces require more involvement from the wearer.
  6. Looks good, how do you like it? Let us know what type of accuracy are you getting.
  7. Just arrived from drop. Glycine combat sub bronze.
  8. The 5KX do wear smaller than their 43mm size suggests. I have a 6.25 inch wrist and I have no problem pulling off my 5KX. 17k is not a bad price. I bought mine for 16.5k back in Jan. Btw your 5KX would look sexy on a fitted rubber strap from crafterblue. They are damn expensive though at about 50% of the price of the watch.
  9. Do any of you guys use Tapatalk on iPhone? This app is draining my battery like crazy. I can’t really stop using it because a lot of forums have shitty mobile UI.
  10. Anyone into microbrands? I made the first instalment for a Borealis Cascais and am waiting for the Zelos swordfish titanium to drop this month. Definitely best bang for buck comes from micros if you don’t count Ali express specials. Anyone else have experiences with micros?
  11. Ah, then it’s a solid option. I have no complaints about my 5KX so far although typical Seiko QC issues like bezel and chapter ring alignment might come in to play. So the best bet would be to visit your local AD and inspect the piece before purchasing it. If you’re buying online, Seiko has recently started selling watches on their website. They have the best catalog with pieces you don’t see on Amazon, Ethos or other etailers. They just recently released the bezel-less version of 5KX on 40mm cases which is perfect if you have chicken wrists like me. That Rado is a beautiful piece and I would also suggest their Captain Cook model if you’re not dead set on a skeleton watch.
  12. Just for fun or are you looking into creating a micro brand? If it is for fun/repair, spares can be sourced from your local watch repair guy. Have a look at Namokimods dot com if you’re looking to mod your Seiko
  13. Is it your first auto? The 5KX are pretty good although somewhat overpriced. They don’t have a screw down crown and are not ISO rated like the SKX they replaced. If you can stretch your budget a bit I would suggest looking at a Turtle or a Samurai. Here is my 5KX
  14. SRP637 Baby Tuna on an Ali sourced engineers bracelet Stock bracelet Orange Samurai on crafterblue rubber Factory bracelet SNK803 on an army green canvas Full metal g shock “Blingmaster” Those are a few in my collection . Got a drop exclusive bronze Glycine combat sub on the way (freakin taking ages due to corona [emoji2959])
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