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  1. Lovlina lost the semi final boxing match. So its bronze for her.
  2. Both wrestling semi finals are today 1430 onwards.
  3. Only medal hope left is in Men's wrestling now.
  4. When is the Women's discus throw final?
  5. Yup, she won Gold in 10m Air Pistol. (https://news.yahoo.com/witcher-fan-wins-gold-tokyo-055500742.html) Although the pic above is old :
  6. Another member reported the same, over at Discord.
  7. Don't know what the issue is then. My card works fine. Try purchasing from a web browser instead of console, see if the issue occurs.
  8. Check whether your card is enabled for international transactions. My ICICI debit card works fine.
  9. Thanks. Do these have cloud saves? (trophies auto pop in PS5 versions?)
  10. Also the site's mail server is dead too. I changed my email last night and was waiting for a confirmation email but didn't receive any even after trying to resend it numerous times. Got locked out of the site and contacted Joe at Discord today evening, he then manually approved me.
  11. I still keep my PS3 and PS4 covered when not in use.
  12. I am also looking for such enclosures but for IDE drives. Please share if anyone finds any.
  13. ^Yes, that will do but would only provide speeds upto 100mbps. Get atleast a Gigabit(1000mbps) switch for faster transfer.
  14. ^What would be the primary usage?
  15. I Ignore said members to hide their replies.
  16. I am using K580 Vata - Outemu Blue Switches and have absolutely no regrets.
  17. Yes, the returns are tax free. In SSY & PPF both.
  18. At least this dark theme is way better than the last theme. I couldn't differentiate between a quoted post and reply in the last theme, the colors were same.
  19. Should be easy enough. Just edit the forum post and profile templates.
  20. Back finally! This new Night mode/Dark theme is way better than the previous one.
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