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  1. I use this: https://www.ilovepdf.com/pdf_to_jpg
  2. I just convert pdfs to jpegs, edit them as per my need in photoshop etc. and then convert them back to pdf.
  3. 3090FE has 350W TDP. I am running mine on 850W PSU, even under full load it never crosses 650-660W. I am running everything on stock though, nothing overclocked. The wattage breakdown of my rig comes around 640W:
  4. ^^How about DeepCool DQ850-M-V2L? Running my i9/3090 setup on it.
  5. Can someone please recommend a wireless charger that works with both iPhone 11 pro max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9? More wattage/fast charging preferred. Thanks.
  6. Try calling their customer care number and clarify.
  7. Yeah he seemed fine till recently, maybe something happened in DM's or something?
  8. Guys any idea when would Zycov-D be available for registration?
  9. Anyone able to register for Zycov-D yet?
  10. Nice. Also install the APC Powerchute in PC. Every setting of the UPS can be controlled via the software.
  11. Happy New Year 2022 everyone!!
  12. How? All I see there are the options to Exchange, P2P or add funds to my own wallet. Can it be done so that it takes funds from my bank/card and send directly to a BTC address I specify?
  13. Guys need to send some money(40 USD) to a bitcoin address. What's the best way/app/site to do it? Thanks.
  14. Try this: Win+R -> %localappdata% -> in the AppData/Local folder delete IconCache.db file, then go to Task Manager and restart Windows Explorer. See if this fixes the issue.
  15. My BR1500G is performing fine now, it caused the system to restart a few times when I posted that in September, but since then it is working fine during cuts even under heavy load. Don't know what the problem was, I suspect there were a few "dirty" power cuts which caused it to restart.
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