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    Got it on Steam as well.
  2. ^ Yes, I got approved in my third try as well. All the Best.
  3. Original shipping date was 9th Jan., which shifted to 20th Jan, and today got shifted to 27th Jan. Interesting.
  4. They are taking orders from India so seems like it. Have placed an order, shipping date is after 20 Jan. Let's see.
  5. Anyone bought something from banggood.in? Is it legit? Seems like Aliexpress alternative.
  6. Rey

    Overwatch 2

    ^I stopped playing it for an year, started it last month, again got hooked.
  7. Any updates guys? My GPU expired in July 2022, now getting option of 14 day trial of GPU. I would be playing on PC only, what is the best way to go forward?
  8. I think those were the trophy emojis, which after the forum upgrade turned into question marks.
  9. Guys can these be used for two 32" monitors? https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-Dual-Monitor-Stand-Height-Adjustable/dp/B076B3Q8JR/ Thanks.
  10. Working fine on Jio fiber.
  11. Its only for the debt funds bought after 1 April 2023 right? Or before too?
  12. King is the only one left for me to plat.
  13. Rey

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Just unlocked Alohomora. Off to the locks now...
  14. Rey

    Hogwarts Legacy

    You don't need to stream to get the drops. Just connect your WB Games and Twitch accounts and watch a streamer on Twitch playing this and you'll get the drops after the said amount of time.
  15. Anyone having experience trying to port a postpaid number out of Vodafone (Vi)? Everytime I submit a porting request, I receive this reply: UPC cannot be generated for the reasons: (1)There are subsisting contractual obligations with your service provider. Please contact your service provider for further assistance. All dues are cleared, I even paid a couple hundred rupees extra as soon as the bill got generated for this cycle, still the same. Thanks.
  16. Just received mine, without the outer cardboard box. Everything is fine though.
  17. Yes just received the shipping message. Arriving tomorrow. Any idea whether they ship with an outer cardboard box or just the shipping label slapped on top of the PS5 box?
  18. Anyone got their PS5 shipped yet from the 11th November Amazon drop?
  19. This. I recommend Xenforo. @HundredProofSam
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