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  1. Received a reply to my 3080FE enquiry mail today stating that the stock is expected to arrive in 1 week.
  2. And here I was hoping for a 3080Ti announcement. Have to keep waiting for 3080FE to come back in stock. Also 3090FE is available to buy at RPTech - https://rptechindia.in/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090.html (Available quantity: 9, at the time of writing)
  3. hahahahah freaking unavailable everywhere in microsecnds.
  4. If we book online at shopatsc, still it is mandatory to get games etc. bundle from the store?
  5. Thanks. This sounds like the best bet.
  6. Guys, I am building a PC based around 10900K /3080, pcpartpicker.com estimated the total wattage at 619W(at max load) and 151W(at min load) , so I am going with a 750W PSU. Now my home already has a 650VA sinewave home-UPS installed, can I plug the system directly into the home-UPS supply? Will it be able to hold before I cleanly shutdown? Or should I get a separate UPS? (Also has another 850VA inverter installed, but its not sinewave, so I guess it won't work?) Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I guess its better to get a smaller 1440p and bigger 4K. Currently eyeing this one - https://www.primeabgb.com/online-price-reviews-india/acer-vg271u-27-inch-100-srgb-gaming-monitor-amd-freesync-1ms-response-time-144hz-refresh-rate-2k-wqhd-ips-panel/
  8. Thanks guys, will decide between the 28" and 32" version of the BenQ one.
  9. Damn. eBay was best. I bought my Samsung 3D TV off it back in 2010 and Destiny Limited Edition PS4 in 2016. Good times.
  10. Hi, did you order it? How is it? I am looking for a monitor as well which will also be used with PS5 and for PC gaming as well (when I obtain 3080, which seems distant though) Confused between Acer ET322QK and BenQ EW3270U. Or will the 32" be too large? Or any other recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Yes will try calling them. I had sent enquiry using that form a few times now but didn't receive any response.
  12. Thanks. On their website it says in stock, but still they ask to send enquiry by filling a form. I guess they have a wait list or something now.
  13. Congrats! Were you put on a waitlist or something? How long did they took to respond?
  14. Rey

    Gaming PCs

    @Joe Cool How many fans are you using in your O11 apart from the AIO?
  15. Thanks for this. Let me try my luck as well.
  16. Rey

    Gaming PCs

    Thanks Joe! I think 10900 should be enough, but I am not in a hurry so might wait for the price drop of current gen with the announce of next gen? Also, does liquid coolers require some serious maintenance? As it would be my first time building a pc, so kinda concerned. Thanks.
  17. Rey

    Gaming PCs

    Guys, I have been out of the game for far too long so please pardon for any noob questions. Coming from an i7 3610QM laptop of 2012 which is counting its final days, so need help in building a PC. Usage will be programming/coding, streaming, gaming, image/video editing etc. Confused between i7 10700 and i9 10900, since I won't be upgrading CPU in the near future, thinking to go for 10900 and be done with. Is it worth getting over 10700? Won't be overclocking. (How is the AMD scene? Heard prices are exorbitant?) Won;t be getting a GPU now, will wait for stocks and prices to stabilize but will start with atleast a 3080/3080Ti. A motherboard, which could support a GPU upgrade in the future (after 4/5 years? or one can't say whether the MB could support the future GPUs?) Please suggest CPU cooler, case, PSU power etc. as well, budget is 1.6 to 1.8L (cheaper the better) Thanks.
  18. Does the newer versions of G304 still have double click issues?
  19. . I have seen this "No cost EMI with down payment" option today only. Pay 25% of the total product price as down payment and convert remaining amount into EMI's. Source The thing is product is shown as eligible for Down payment, but on checkout no such option.
  20. Nothing there. When I select my Amazon Pay ICICI CC, there are only normal No Cost EMI options, no down payment option.
  21. Guys, how does "No cost EMI plan with down payment" works at Amazon? I am getting that option at product detail page but during checkout the option is not there.
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