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Ichigo Uzumaki

Jump Force

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OpenCritic - 63

Critics Recommend - 9%



  • If you’ve got like-minded anime fans who are down to smash some buttons and watch the sparks fly, Jump Force’s fighting system allows for at least a few hours of shallow fun before it gets stale and repetitive. The bland story feels half-baked and never does anything interesting with its impressive roster of beloved characters who’ve rarely or never had the chance to meet before, making this celebration of 50 years of Weekly Shonen Jump a disappointment overall.
  • Jump Force is all flash and little substance. Even with a roster of 40 beloved characters, it fails to stick the landing.
  • No matter which way you slice it, Jump Force isn’t the game fans dreamed it would be upon its announcement, but it will excite anime fans who’ve got a thing for 3D fighters. If you can see past its abysmal story mode and questionable animation, Jump Force clearly put its focus on fighting. The battles can be crisp, dynamic, and challenging enough to keep those invested coming back. However, as soon as a victor is crowned, Jump Force goes back to being a shonen spectacle with a shocking lack of substance.

  • Jump Force features a massive cast of characters but its gameplay is definitely flashier than deep which makes it eventually become incredibly monotonous and tough to enjoy.

  • Shounen Jump created this game in celebration of their 50th year anniversary and many of us were definitely at least interested in it and some couldn't help but be overly excited over it. The theory and potential were definitely there, I just don't know what happened to the execution, delivery, and passion though. For all we know it could be hidden in Kakashi's mouth if we're lucky. Jump Force is not a bad game, nor was it a good game, but definitely a disappointing game in my opinion.

  • For a game with such potential Jump Force is a colossal blunder and a rushed mess. The visuals and art style is atrocious, the gameplay lacks any kind of depth, and the animations are horrific. Overall Jump Force is a huge disappointment.

  • Like the Dissidia series, Jump Force is something I'm going to be coming back to for random bits of fun throughout the years. The core is good, it's just let down by some odd design choices and an average campaign. This is an older brawler in an HD skin: if you want something more than that, look elsewhere.

  • Jump Force is a beautiful mess of a fighting game, its huge roster and delightful gameplay surrounded by unnecessary structure and single player.

  • Jump Force's gameplay is spectacular and amazing, but too many technical issues get in the way, ruining part of the fun.

  • Jump Force has major problems, but it can actually be really fun. It feels tedious when playing missions, and repetitive at times in combat. But using your favourite characters' abilities in battle remains fun throughout. It's going to be an acquired taste, but anime fans will actually find a lot to enjoy here. Just stick to the online play, where you can remain blissfully ignorant of the awful cutscenes and animation.

  • Obvious shortcuts doom what could have been one of the best anime fighters yet.



  •  Each character's unique fighting style has been captured
  •  Rock-paper-scissors style of combat is easy to understand and encourages strategic planning during fights
  •  Character customization is fairly robust and fun to do
  •  Fights against equally skilled opponents--both locally and online--are enjoyably tense


  •  The story is a rather generic and bland conflict of good vs. evil that drags throughout its second act
  •  Cutscenes aren't great, with little in the way of storytelling or believable character animations
  •  The difference in number of playable female characters in comparison to male is disappointingly large


As expected. 

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