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Blair Witch

Heaven Angel

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Launching into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on August 30th. Experience first-hand the toll that fear can take on the mind in an original story set in the Blair Witch universe from the creative minds behind critically acclaimed Layers of Fear. Inspired by the lore of the genre defining film series, Blair Witch is a first-person psychological horror game that studies your reactions to danger and stress.

Your darkest fears will awaken on August 30th, 2019.

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Reviews out




  • Blair Witch tries to do its job but can't keep the player's attention high throughout the entire experience. Despite all that, Bloober Team put some interesting new mechanics on the plate, but the inspiration seems to get lost at the same rhythm with which Ellis's past tries to emerge.
  • Managing to make the forest seem oppressive and claustrophobic, Blair Witch is adept at creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere, while weaving a compelling narrative that still proves exciting, even if you've sussed out the final twist hours before the end. You'll never look at trees the same way again
  • Blair Witch is, undoubtedly, a very good horror with an enjoyable, albeit a little predictable story, great atmosphere and more involving gameplay, which all take full advantage of the license. Despite some issues here and there, like the excessive linearity, little replay value and technical issues, the game is definitely among the best titles created by Bloober Team. Recommended to all horror games fans
  • Bloober Team definitely know their onions. Blair Witch introduces some minor tweaks to a tried and well-known formula, but there’s no trace of true revolution. This horror is fun and scary, but there's also much room for improvement. It's a solid game that makes the future really exciting for the team and their fans.
  • What remains is still a game with a good atmosphere, which perfectly embodies - at least in the first part - the spirit of cinematographic films, also thanks to some clever and exquisite workmanship.
  • Though its lack of polish, pacing problems, and predictable story make it difficult to recommend unreservedly, Blair Witch is nonetheless packed with a number of successful scares and memorable set-pieces that draw admirably on the franchise's lore - and oh, do I love that dog.
  • A fine take on psychological horror cut down by bugs and wonkiness.
  • The Blair Witch franchise has never been able to capture the magic of the original movie in the years since, but this may be the closest attempt yet thanks to the effective use of the a psychological focused story and gameplay that feels fairly fresh within the horror genre.
  • It is Bloober Team’s least scary, least interesting game. There needs to be more to Blair Witch.
  • Blair Witch certainly has its shortcomings, but it's easily the best thing to happen to the franchise since the original Blair Witch Project movie.
  • Despite being rough around the edges, Blair Witch is a survival horror delight that will no doubt enrapture fans of the long-running franchise. It stays faithful to what makes the mythos so enticing, while pushing it into some unpredictable new directions.
  • If you’re in the market for a short adventure to tide you over for an evening or two ahead of September’s big releases and its atmospheric premise intrigues you, go right ahead. However, if you’re looking for the next smash-hit horror title, you’re best going elsewhere.
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Ultra garbage performance 


  • DO NOT BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. It's unstable af. The performance is terrible. People with RTX cards are even having problems. Look at the forum and read before buying this.
  • Unable to change graphics and horrible performance.
  • RTX 2080 ti 41% overclocked i have 51 fps on start with dog and gpu settings keep resetting motion blur im stuck with please fix asap!
  • The game runs like garbage and if you lower the settings it even looks like garbage !
  • I've had this game added on my wishlist for the past 2-3 months and I've been EXTREMELY excited to finally play this but this game is absolutely poorly optimised. It's terrible. I spent the last 30-35 minutes trying to open settings and failing to do so due to the horrendous lag and terrible framerate. I had to Ctrl, Alt & Delete for my keys to get registered and even then I still couldn't change my settings. I didn't even get to play a single minute of this game yet. 
  • running a rtx 2070 and it looks like trash no matter the quality setting.
  • Thought I would talk a bit more about this issue, currently running with an RTX 2080ti, 64GB of RAM and an i9-9900k processor. Should be running this game perfectly, exactly the way they got it to work for the trailer. Apparently the shadows are the things killing the fps, shadows in a blair witch game? They must be optional, turn them off and enjoy a lovely gaming experience. 
  • This game needs optimization. The FPS is awful in this game. I have much much much higher than the recommended specs and I am on 40 to 45 frames. 
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Yup. sh*t performance.

Only getting 60fps when I'm setting the render resolution to half, which just destroys the image quality.

My body was ready but the game wasn't :P


Anyway, I'm now playing it locked at 30fps. The game is decent so far. The atmosphere is great though, with the night time being especially creepy.

Playing it with headphones on and the binaural audio did send a few chills down my spine.









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Man what a terrible performance, I was about to give up. But when Night hits, the game got  smooth. Enjoying the game now. Its creepy and very atmospheric. I actually keep bullet always near me.

So far they have done justice to the blair witch movie, Love these horror games.

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