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The Walking Dead 400 Days out in July

Walking Dead 400 Days, the followup to Telltale’s hit series, is all set for a July 5 launch for 5$ across PSN, XBLA, PC, Mac and iOS. The Vita version of the game will release a month later, in August. However those who fear they’ll be missing something can relax as the Vita bundle will have all the episodes of the first season.


Players can choose to play 400 days without playing season one. However old fans can rest easy as the decisions made in season one will be present in 400 days. Richard Iggo from Telltale advised that players who want the full experience should play season one before playing 400 days.

The DLC revolves around five new characters and will have five separate chapters. Iggo teased, “Who knows, some of the characters that you meet might end up in season two,”

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