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  1. PS4 beta download link: 5.5GB
  2. Its terrible to see him go, and even more terrible the way it went down. Juventus still haven't even uttered a word on it. It all happened so fast. It's also bizzare how cheap he went for. 40 million for a 30-yr-old who just renewed his contract till 2021. But a lot went down that led to it, and after the UCL final, it doesn't come as a complete surprise. Too much friction with the coach, management and teammates. So it isn't a total surprise to see him go, and the timing was just right for Milan to get him cheap. His younger son has an illness for which he's being treated in Italy, and so Milan new a sale in England was not happening. Juve has a policy that they don't keep a player who wants to leave. So that plus Bonucci's unwillingness to transfer out of Italy, plus the fact that few other Italian club have deep pockets pretty much took all of Juve's bargaining power away. Oh well, better Milan than Inter or Napoli.
  3. Yeah, the move to Amazon has really helped. Sathya does magic!
  4. We're working on various solutions at the moment so there might be errors while we finalise one. This should be temporary, and the frequency should already be lower. The only way around the errors is to take IVG down completely, which wouldn't help either since we need to see how the changes affect the live site, so please bear with us. This isn't permanent.
  5. I quite liked Days Gone. From this demo it seems like it's not just about killing hordes of zombies but more about surviving in a world where zombies are one of the many problems. It was pretty cool how he used zombies to take out humans. Hopefully there will be a larger focus on the world than in the zombies itself. I'm more interested in it now than when they revealed it. It just looked like another zombie game at first.
  6. Did any of the big first party games have dates? And aside from the games in the pre-show, were there any new games announced? Can't think of any in either case.
  7. Yeah, good conference and a publisher who's devs can actually present. Didn't miss Aisha Tyler at all. But after all the years they took, I would have thought they'd have more than another CG trailer for BG&E2. And when they use words like "we want you to help us make the game" you know it's still years away. The variety of games was impressive, but I don't know how many of them I'll play. Pass on the Mario game, Pass on Black Flag minus land, The Crew 2 looks like a jack of all trades master of non game, so super skeptical. Pass on the sci-fi Skylanders game. Pass on South Park. So that pretty much leaves the games I was interested in before the show - Far Cry and Assassin's Creed. Prince of Persia didn't look likely, but I was really hoping for a new Splinter Cell game. Maybe a Rayman.
  8. You should be able to now.
  9. Gamespot first comment is gold
  10. @Big Boss You sure about RDR? Xbox had this sort of tie-up with Rockstar for GTA4, so could be.
  11. And still Xbox One S hasn't launched in India
  12. They should call it Xbox 2 Also, $499 may have worked at the start of a generation but won't work as well mid-gen. That's a lot to ask an existing PS4 or Xbox One owner to pay, and that's usually who the early adopters are.
  13. Blue Snowball is popular podcast mic. Have one myself. Very easy to use. Just plug into your PC/Mac's USB port and you can record using one of the supported audio apps, like Audacity. Get the Snowball if you're going to have more than one person on the podcast since you'll require an omnidirectional mic. If it's just you on the podcast, you can get the cheaper Snowball Ice. Hope this helps.
  14. We're shutting down the Vendors Only section at the end of the month. Full announcement here: