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  1. Path of Exile

    I wonder how its Xbone version is faring
  2. Path of Exile

    I agree tho. However, there are other things to do than to couch game.... Like sleep. Your brain will be refreshed and ready for logical reasoning (aka PC games )
  3. Path of Exile

    Couch gamer... Aka.. Lazy gamer
  4. Path of Exile

    You spend so much time surfing games, but, you hardly play them. You are turning into lazy gamer or something. Most likely, will be playing the moment league starts
  5. Cuphead

  6. Biomutant

    Witcher style gameplay. Traces of other games too air combos, Surge Eye'ing it for the moment
  7. Happy Birthday

    Alpha is on this page. Happy Birthday Alpha bro
  8. Heart broken ppl's club

    Totally true, a girl of age 25, once said that if a girl believes that that guy is just her friend, then she is being delusional However, exceptions are always there. Sometimes, some girls/guys desparately want a platonic friendship with the opp gender and only 1 person (or some specific/s) to get in bed with.
  9. Path of Exile

    On PC, the inventory management is just like D2. Nvr felt anything wrong with it. Dunno abt Xbox version. Lag and PoE go hand in hand. Will take time to improve gameplay
  10. Path of Exile

    Bro, it just launched. Give it some time to chisel out performance issues. Game is complex. It will take time to understand everything completely. Huge time
  11. Path of Exile

    One name for one char. Use ZodakWolf, or ColdheartedWolf, etc
  12. Elex

    Combat looks like a copy of Witcher 3
  13. Path of Exile

    This is a true f2p game, u pay for nothing. Instead of dlc's, we call them as 'updates'. Everything is constantly updated, the gameplay, mechanics, skill effects etc to make the game more balanced. And to keep the game interesting and new, they add random elements in the game world with each new season (every 3 months something )
  14. Path of Exile

    No matter what problem you land in... You know u hv me Just ask anytime on discord or steam chat. Also why u care abt tutorial, last i knew, u were good.
  15. Path of Exile

    The sale happens every thrird/fourth week. And yes, this league is only interesting due to the changes. It needs its own signature to stand out