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  1. This is a true f2p game, u pay for nothing. Instead of dlc's, we call them as 'updates'. Everything is constantly updated, the gameplay, mechanics, skill effects etc to make the game more balanced. And to keep the game interesting and new, they add random elements in the game world with each new season (every 3 months something )
  2. No matter what problem you land in... You know u hv me Just ask anytime on discord or steam chat. Also why u care abt tutorial, last i knew, u were good.
  3. The sale happens every thrird/fourth week. And yes, this league is only interesting due to the changes. It needs its own signature to stand out
  4. It IS better than D3.... Saying this since 2012
  5. Exactly, a seasoned player doesn't mean a good player. And who are we explaining it to....
  6. he is verrrrry good and I m super nuuub
  7. It doesn't matter. I m 600hrs and still joe with 30hrs is ahead of me
  8. Arre, since when you got it. Glad to know. The soln shud be on net Revert the settings to low and then try
  9. Earlier, with all these effects, the fps wud turn to 1. Sometimes the whole server wud crash. But now, slowly they improved performance. All these effects run effortlessly Thr is no controller support bcuz of precision and the need of free movement. You need to be standing in a precise position otherwise you will die. The game is coming to consoles, but it wont be as hardcore as PC version due to controller limitations rather than hardware
  10. ^^Amen
  11. True equality is like a frictionless surface. Goodluck trying to move on it. Friction is crucial. Some type of ppl are better at something, some at others. Nothings wrong in being a chauvinist, being biased is a valid thing. Males rules.... Imagine an alternate world where females rule, thr men would be fighting for their survival. Point​ being, some type of ppl will always be ruling or dominating. Today mens rule, tomorrow women will. Or maybe LGBTQI... Who knows. But some1 will rule, and some ppl will resist... Be it good or bad leader/followers. So no point in sweating over it, lets just do our best to make this world ryt as we think its best
  12. Maybe it does belong here. How people think or interact socially or logic behind something can be termed under social science or just... Science or knowledge. However, we can talk in a chilled way instead of getting heated over it;agree with u on tht part. But it's not Bcrap, thts just variety of people. Who are we to say whats crap and what is not. On the topic, as joe said, masculinity shud rule is a retarded thing. There are rulers and then thr r followers. However, anyone can be a leader/follower, its not gender specific. And if some1 cudnt pass on their alpha thinking or any thinking to kids or fellow people, they didnt bring curse to this world. That person tried.. And if tried their best and still cudnt pass... Thts okay, dont be sad over it. Its just life, you did ur best. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  13. @KyoyaHibari for both Some women are pro-feminists...some are semi-feminists...some are feminists...whole some are anti-feminists. There are all types of people in this world. My point...this RoK supports the Idiology that masculinity should rule. Males shud earn while females shud house-work. Some women support this iodiology....thats why those women (maybe termed as anti-feminists) joined RoK to support their ideology. Dont aggresively fight over a point when all the 1st replies to your post eneded with 'sorry for rudeness' or 'please ignore if possible'. Even if you support the betterment of this world....the least example for your cause can be done by talking politely and/or by not mocking/taunting (ha ha ha!)....unless the other one is aggressively pricking you that it has crossed your tolerance levels. All the above is free advice/ the saying advice==trash. Please ignore
  14. You know he clearly meant IVGians
  15. Earlier their were 3 likes per day....the limit has been increased. Why want more? It can be abused.....tho I do get your point