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  1. anybody getting it from ebay
  2. by daughter who will also be composing the score
  3. morata channel runs and hold up play with a team playing with 10 and then 9 men showed his quallity.
  4. edit
  5. how was his hold up play bad. dont forgot he is no drogba and costa never won a single header i am not defending him. he had two weeks of pre season, he is still rusty
  6. hold up play will only look good when he has players around him not when the rest of the team is in its own half. He tried to kick the ball on volley and failed
  7. came on, pedro red card. of course he was awful, of course
  8. why do you think we were having so many flops of big star's movies for the last few years now. but they make the money before the movie even releases. so they keep making this rubbish
  9. bollywood really needs new breed of actors and directors but then there is nepotism
  10. personal revenge from khalefi, dont mess with the qatari owners.