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  1. black panther end credits cap and black panther see bucky coming out his ice cell
  2. will probably wait, i want to enjoy this setting without any bugs
  3. want to buy origins day 1 but always fear all the patches they will release in the 1st month just to fix the game
  4. how much money does jose need to spend to start attacking top 4 teams away from home parked the bus again
  5. movie was meh, no rewatch value
  6. one last hype
  7. anybody buys fifa points here
  8. played 3 matches on fut today, ended 6-6 ,4-4, 3-3 joke of a game
  9. defending is absolutely atrocious, attackers agility is 100% and defenders 0
  10. have sony changed preload time according to location when i change to indian time it says 27th and when europe 26th
  11. lol they have changed the date to 27th edit: nope
  12. clicked on it , no option of download