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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    outriders and black dwarf attacking wakanda
  2. Streaming Services thread

    cant access my indian amazon prime with vpn, is there some way to do so
  3. Yakuza 6

    yakuza 6 + yakuza 0 bundle for 4100 ( plus members)
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    not to forget the african theme score, was just brilliant
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    really enjoyed black panther, michael b jordan was intense looks like soul stone intro has been given to the russos
  6. Movie Discussion Thread

    tomorrow black panther in 2d, no 3d bullshit
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    i dont expect a different material for 100 dollars
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    my wallet
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    when this type of scene and this music comes at the end of part 2
  10. Movie Discussion Thread

    tyler bates is scoring deadpool 2
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    every shot in iw trailer is looking so good
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

  13. God of War

    thats for pre order, on the day of release it is automatically 10 euros less
  14. God of War

    i think, uncharted was little bit cheaper , i can get far cry 5 and god of war both for 95 euros if i buy 10 days after release ( standard edition)
  15. God of War

    limited edition is 90 euros