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  1. Sure! But you'll have to bring a CRT TV because I don't have one The gun only works on CRTs It was 12k with free shipping. I found it locally so no customs.
  2. I got this recently. 30 years old, yet brand new
  3. Hot damn! How much did this cost you?
  4. Since yesterday I am getting logged out very frequently. Are there any changes being done? Frequent server restarts or changing the validity of the login cookie/user session?
  5. Forgot to mention I also got this Wii U gamepad high capacity battery. Ordered it direct from the Nintendo online store in order to avoid getting a Chinese fake. This should double the playing time to at least 6 hours. Thanks! I also have another one in different colors. Here is a pic:
  6. My brother came down from the the US and brought me a bunch of goodies that I had ordered I now have 2 of these Majora's Mask 3DS XLs, both brand new in box. I'll put up a sale thread soon for one of them. I had to get a 2nd one because it is on lower firmware.
  7. Nope, not at all possible.
  8. Please go through the link below and check your system to be absolutely sure that it's original. Since you bought it in a Bose store it should definitely be original but the rubber bezel looks fishy.
  9. Best place would be Bose store. Even Amazon has fake products. If you see multiple ads for products and some of them have really low prices, those are the fake ones. I was searching for a Spigen cover for my iPhone and paid 2k for an original Spigen. My colleague bought the same model for 300 and it was clearly fake.
  10. From where did you get the Soundlink and how much did you pay for it? There are an extreme number of fakes floating around the market. One way to tell if its fake is if the rubber bezel is uneven around the edge. And unfortunately that white rubber bezel (border) around the black mesh looks uneven on yours. For 1.19k I will be buying up the entire stock! Did you mean 1.19L :)
  11. New trailer for Super Mario Odyssey!
  12. Nintendo is run by a bunch of old fools sitting in the Japanese headquarters. They stick to the old ways and cannot change with the times. The only way is to wait for them to kick the bucket and make room for younger people who understand modern concepts. It took them the longest time to remove something as simple as region locking.
  13. This is why I never buy digital from Nintendo. I always make it a point to get physical games. If you read the fine print before downloading digital games, you will see that the terms of use are something along the lines of "Nintendo is leasing the games to you and you don't actually own them". This is why they cannot be sued over this.
  14. @adity @CarbonCore @Big Boss Doom will be 30fps on Switch.
  15. Has anyone installed iOS 10 on iPhone SE? I'm still on iOS 9 and am afraid to update. I don't want to deal with slowdowns and crashes.