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  1. The Football Thread

    Can prove to be a fantastic impact sub. Out and out winger, something germany should really have had on board. Also should have taken Wagner over Werner, the latter has been struggling for form whole season. +1 for Brandt shoutout. Lovely little player, lets see where he moves.
  2. The Football Thread

    Not sure what the fuss was about. Season was over by december. One look at the lineup and you knew we had a dead midfield without Ramsey which meant mkhi and ozil will stay in our own half longer than in attack. That actually turned into a plan. 4-3-3 was always going to hurt but we didn't have the firepower or confidence for a 3-4-3. There's one thing I know about Auba because I did watch a decent number of BVB games (hipster fav club lol), Auba is as direct as they come. Won't be involved in linkup much, and will actually have very few touches per game (although today was super low) but he will get you the threat that the likes of Henry and RvP did. We're in for fun times next season if we build right and hopefully, the old man calls it time.
  3. The Football Thread

    Imagine supporting a team that is 4-0 up at halftime and ends with a 4-4 I mean that's ridiculous.... How can it even happen to a top team...
  4. Package stuck in customs

    FYI I was recently charged 80% customs on a figurine. You can try to contest but there's no transparency and the end result will most likely never favour you unless you have contacts. Just suck it up :| Also customs on games are 40% or so, nothing wrong there.
  5. The Football Thread

    When Vince McMahon says a guy should be arrested for imitating a good businessman, you best believe it. Where is our own Oil daddy ffs
  6. The Football Thread

    That's what happens when you keep company with Daniel Sturridge in the England camp lol I'm ok seeing him gone, did not work for either party here. But we need a replacement ASAP
  7. The Football Thread

    It is interesting as suddenly it's being reported unanimously that we have financial issues. How the f**k
  8. The Football Thread

    Not this window, too late
  9. Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I know someone who supplies costumes and weapons to Hollywood production houses, including stuff in GOT and major movies. The guy gave me an example that they supplied to Bansali for Bajirao and he kept stalling on payments. Said most do the same and promise sh*t like they'll get them featured in page 3 and stuff.
  10. Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Isnt it so that the wall has magic spells and the dead can't pass through it? Of course the Night King will break the spell or something. Also what happens of the army danny destroyed? Survived due to water again?
  11. The Football Thread

    Lol let's see who gets raided. They need a fair couple of MFs tho, Busquets is exposed, Iniesta cant continue much longer, Andra Gomes and Dennis Suarez turned out sh*t so that leaves Rakitic as the only long term option, along with the first 2. The front line looks overburdened now, Messi had more to do with Neymar than Suarez and they don't have decent depth in their forward lines. But Neymar transfer is still pretty f**king crazy, cant wrap my head around it. One father's greed has led to so much lol
  12. The Football Thread

    This is just one of the strangest things to happen in a while
  13. The Football Thread

    f**king love Martial, super under-rated
  14. What you bought this week

    Hahaha nice.
  15. What you bought this week

    Where's Corrin F