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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    Shape of Water was pretty good for me. I would not nominate it for so many awards that it got nominated for, but it was still a very beautiful film, well worth a watch.
  2. Wrestling fans

  3. Any Gamers from Punjab here..

    Anyone from the future?
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    I've had it for months now. Made me watch approximately two movies per month on average as opposed to less than one prior to movie pass. Don't really get time to watch more, free or not, but it's worth it even if you watch only 1-2 movies a month.
  5. Wrestling fans

  6. Wrestling fans

    No way for Orton to win twice in a row.
  7. Wrestling fans

    Of course.
  8. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    What the actual f**k? I had to Google this one. Who even thought this was a good idea? And did the game even sell 100 copies? I see a listing on eBay uk for like 70 GBP!
  9. Thanks a lot! Sent you a PM containing all the details. Ask me if you need something clarified. Also, let me know what gift voucher/something else would you like me to order for you using 'murican money?
  10. Hi, sorry for this weird thread. I urgently need to buy an Amazon India gift card worth RS. 2000 for my sister on her birthday (which is today). None of my US credit/debit cards seem to work on the Indian Amazon. If some kind soul is willing to send my sister this gift card, I can send them a gift card for amazon.com, PSN, Steam, etc. of an equivalent amount. Old/reputed members only due to the nature of this deal.
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    Aiyaary looks great.
  12. Random Song of the Day

    ^This was awesome. It was weird to find out the background of this band though. I never expected myself to potentially become a fan of something supposedly religious but I am willing to explore more of their music for the sake of good music. Do you have other songs by them that you like?
  13. Wrestling fans

  14. Wrestling fans

  15. Movie Discussion Thread

    Might see The Shape of Water next week. It's releasing today here.