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  1. Wrestling fans

    I want Jericho vs Funaki in a lingerie match. Book it Vince, goddamnit!
  2. Wrestling fans

    Cena and Nikki Bella have broken up.
  3. Wrestling fans

  4. Wrestling fans

    Because they were not allowed to go all out. Also just calling something a dream match is not a proper build, and not a way to generate heat. They had no storyline. Again, see the match in the post you quoted to see what they are capable of when they are allowed to let go in a similar situation (the stage arguably as big as WrestleMania, and the match was also advertised as a "dream match").
  5. Wrestling fans

    To people complaining about AJ/Nakamura as lacking the "X-Factor", go watch this (it is on a stage much like WrestleMania, and it is full of the kind of storytelling that you expect from a top match). As I said, ultimately you have to work with what was given. (And yes, Charlotte/Asuka was a good match, but that is not the point):
  6. Wrestling fans

    How did you condense and cut the crap from it in real-time?
  7. Wrestling fans

    I disagree. The match never got out of second gear. It was wasted potential.
  8. Wrestling fans

    Go watch their match from two years ago. They can only work with what they are given.
  9. Wrestling fans

    LOUD "This is awful" chants. I love it.
  10. Wrestling fans

    Now Boring chants. They really deserve all these chants.
  11. Wrestling fans

    People should throw their stuff in the ring.
  12. Wrestling fans

    CM Punk chants. Lol. They seem to have muted it now
  13. Wrestling fans

    BC this WM was going so well. But nothing after the Rousey match was good. Now going to go down as one of the worst WMs. sh*t's been dragging on for too long. They were able to mess up even AJ vs Nakamura.
  14. Wrestling fans

    AJ/Nakamura was massively disappointing. I guess my expectations were too high, but they never let them go full cylinders.
  15. Wrestling fans

    This Shane O Mac heroism display is boring.