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  1. Monument Valley is amazing. I bought it for both iOS and Android. It's really that good.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 crosses $850 million worldwide,making it one of the highest grossing CBM of all time. Avatar 2 Will Be Projected in Glasses-Free 3D
  3. Up for pre-order on Amazon,Rs 3,999.00
  4. Is MP active on PS4?
  5. Lol dude Spider-Man is not a serious character at all.He says a lot of smartass one liners and taunts in the comics. A Spider-Man movie would suck without humor.
  6. HYPE
  7. There are rumors that they might release the successor to iPhone SE this year.
  8. I hope it's better than both Doctor Strange and WW which were very formulaic. I'm glad they skipped the origin story part and the movie takes place after the events of Civil War.
  9. This game is a f**king masterpiece.Finally started playing it.
  10. Looks great! Most anticipated movie of this year for moi.
  11. Lol light hearted shows won't suit characters like Daredevil, Punisher or Jessica Jones. Even these shows had slight humor here and there.
  12. Damn that's sad.Even most Android phones can play this format easily these days!