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  1. Wuut. I'm on 1199 plan will switch to this plan then if 8Mbps and no FUP.
  2. Hmm looks good. Reminds me of 3D Mario games.
  3. Free on Origin Access. Bunch of other EA games for free and 10 hour trials of new releases. VFM.
  4. GOTY!
  5. Ragnarok Hype!
  6. Kindle app FTW
  7. Yeah it was an awesome read. Thanos is god tier.
  8. Awww
  9. New Moto X launched yet?
  10. December is reserved for Star Wars. Episode IX releases on December,2019.
  11. Irony Anyhoo, Gold Edition is still 2k on Steam. They haven't changed it yet.
  12. Better bitrate trailer of Last Jedi is up on iTunes!
  13. They made AquaMoa a Swag Lord
  14. Cyborg looks okay. But rest of the stuff looks like CGI overload especially the backgrounds.
  15. Last Jedi looks f**king awesome! Luke Skywalker The hype engine has started.