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  1. Nice thread,mate.
  2. UC4 was meh. This one looks even more mediocre than that.
  3. 4-0 epic
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best action movie ever made!
  5. 3-0 now lmao
  6. Yup game became boring way too soon.
  7. Use Display Driver Uninstaller tool and fresh install the latest Nvidia driver from their official website. Might solve the issue.
  8. Infinity War
  9. Lenovo switches to stock Android for all future smartphones
  10. There's this channel called Toonami which I discovered recently while my cousin was watching.They have all the good stuff from Batman animated series, Superman to Dexter. Classic Cartoon Network was the best though. It had BTAS,60s Spider-Man cartoon, JLA and X-Men.
  11. I hope SP is badass
  12. Shows will stay.This only applies to movies distributed by Disney. Blu-Ray quality is any day better than Digital HD!
  13. Jen Law ----- Saw 'What We Do in the Shadows' on Prime US.It was a fresh vampire comedy..Another good movie by the same director is 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' .Looks like Thor Ragnarok will be dope!