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IVG Secret Santa 2011

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Let me welcome you to this year's iteration of Secret Santa.


Here's your chance to bring a smile on a fellow IVGian's face, be ready to surprise and be surprised ;)


Let us celebrate the season by being a Secret Santa.


The logic of Secret Santa is pretty simple, the entire event revolves around Christmas and the feelings associated with it, especially the exchange of gifts. As the name suggests, all the participants have a Santa and have to be a Santa for someone, and the "Secret" part suggests that no-one will know who his/her Santa is.


The rules are fairly simple, Everyone who is interested should post their names in this thread, I'll add them to the list.


Guidelines to be followed -

1) The gift, whatever it is should be, should be brand new, even a new pen is more appreciated than a used game.

2) Gifts should ideally be sent during 20-22nd December(If not, then before). So the recipient receives the gift just before Christmas, this is very important.

3) A gift wrap or any other decoration will be appreciated.

4) Don't let anyone know who you have to send the gift to, as it defeats the purpose.

5) Members who are likely to be busy(like on a vacation) or who cannot guarantee sending a gift are discouraged to take part, as no one wants to send a gift but not receive one just because his Santa was busy.

6) Post your names on/before 15th of December in this thread and send your addresses to me on my PM along with your full name and mobile number.

7) Names will be dispatched soon after the last date for submission of names.

8) Before sending a gift,write your name and address on it, so the recipient knows who his Santa is(the only time when he will come to know of his Santa.)


Please submit your names and participate in the festivities.



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Interested People


Address received

1. h3lios

2. Patthariya BaBa

3. megzworld

4. HundredProofSam

5. Noctis

6. Sackboy

7. LagWarriorZergey

8. shekdown

9. Insider

10. Keano

11. Snake

12. winny29

13. roshankalro

14. Monkey.D.Luffy

15. DevilsOwn

16. The Legend

17. shockwave

18. indusporus

19. Nemo

20. avkash

21. Sunny of Sunny

22. Mizanurification

23. Joy

24. Kani

25. Sufyan

26. Outsider

27. piper

28. KrackChap

29. Buzz


31. Aftrunner

32. godspeed4476

33. Bird Bird Bird

34. Sherry Jose

35. in-fi-ni-ty

36. abhinit90

37. Mel81x

38. Mourinho's 11

39. ThE JuGgErNaUT

40. My weight is 102 kgs


Thank you for looking, hope to see you again, next year :)

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Woah! I couldn't even finish editing my post and Milo Sir PM'ed :majesty:

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I am in too. YGPM Abhinit.

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Im in....

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Everyone added


Can I participate?

It would be great, but I don't think it would be possible for you to send gifts here or for anyone to send gifts over to your place, or will it be? Are you visiting India anytime in the near future?

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