The life and crimes of the Indian gamer

Azeem Banatwalla talks about the Indian gamer’s journey from being forced into piracy due to lack of availability of games to today being able to get all our favourite games on Day 1.

All About Gaming: Your Guide to Gaming

It’s not like IVG members need a guide to gaming, but the guys over at Chip magazine and (that includes Nash and myself) have put together the latest issue of All About, which is Chip’s monthly e-magazine that targets a different tech category in each issue. The May issue is All About Gaming, and the focus of the magazine is to act as a guide to those who are new to gaming.

Useful tips on studying game development abroad

Unfortunately for us Indians, there aren’t any reputed colleges here that provide game development courses. Therefore, I’ve made a little list of the top colleges around the world that specialise in this field for prospective students.

IVG gets a mention in Hindustan Times

Page two of today’s Mumbai edition of the Hindustan Times contains a column called Tribes of Mumbai, which “celebrates the diversity of urban communities”. Today’s topic was gaming, and when you’re talking about gaming communities in India, you can’t really ignore IVG. So we get a nice little plug in there. [singlepic id=1227 w=450 float=center]

Why the Zeebo will fail in India

US-based Qualcomm Inc recently announced a gaming solution for ‘The Next Billion’ – the Zeebo. Targetted primarily at developing countries such as India, China, Russia, and Brazil, the Zeebo aims to succeed where other consoles have failed by enforcing anti-piracy measures and maintaining competitive prices. While they are very optimistic in their planning, anyone with […]

Launch coverage, first trailer: Hanuman: Boy Warrior

The first ever Indian-developed console game – Hanuman: Boy Warrior – was launched today in Mumbai, with a surprisingly large mainstream media contingent in presence. Clearly, the idea of an Indian PS2 game based on Hanuman has people interested and taking notice. Regardless of how this game fares quality-wise, it at least gets the ball […]

Hide your kids; SKOAR! is back!

SKOAR!, the Indian gaming magazine…the only Indian gaming magazine, which always seemed to be embroiled in one controversy after another before finally being shut down, is back. Its distasteful editorial style, which included liberal use of F-bombs and openly abusing its own readers, was only one of the many reasons for Skoar quickly falling out […]

IndianVideoGamer Review: Prince of Persia

Starting with this review, we’re quite drastically changing the format for IndianVideoGamer reviews in order to bring more community involvement into them. We’ve assembled some of the best writers from the IVG community to form the IndianVideoGamer Reviewers Club, and henceforth, if this system works, all our reviews will present multiple points of view on […]

Of tyres, bots and the classic 90s

C:\> cd c&d Very simply put, the above-mentioned DOS command was the beginning of my tryst with gaming. The game was Car & Driver, a racing game from Looking Glass Studios and published by EA. The system was a ‘revolutionary’ Pentium II-based PC, belonging to a friend. You see, I didn’t have a PC at […]

IndianVideoGamer visits EA Hyderabad

India is expected to see huge growth in the video game industry in the coming years, not only in terms of game sales, but also with regards to video game development. While this has been acknowledged by several industry leaders, EA has been the first to make its move, first establishing its publishing business in […]