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    Hey, so continuing from Athek's HT thread, I thought it'd be a good idea to create a new thread which would document my experience of setting up a mid level home theatre. So far, I've been reading online, and have visited one "Experience Centre" in Delhi. EZHOMZ Experience Centre These guys have a place in Okhla, with three experience rooms. Level 1: This one is your basic entry level (for them) bedroom set-up, a 5.1 system with no damping, regular surfaces that you'd find in a typical bedroom, and the room wasn't closed from all sides. we first sat down with this, and needless to say, I really liked it. The bass was vibrating my a*s off, the vocals were clear, and the entire thing just worked for the kind of sound I want to listen to. I could feel the shotgun on screen ripping a hole in my intestines. Cost of the sound system: approx 6L. Level 2: Mid level with a 4K HDR projector, a fully enclosed room, fully damped, Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 and an eleven feet wide curved screen, recliners and all. There was something off with the projector here, and the frame rate was off, like really weirdly off. It was like some option akin to "motion smoothening" was on, and on hyperdrive. Other than that, the sound was crisper, and I could hear a few more things that I couldn't with the earlier system. I honestly wasn't too impressed, specially because the display was making me weird out. Cost of entire set-up: 35L (!) Level 3: No limits. A full on PVR killer, with reference grade everything. There were like 32 speakers in all, with 4 drivers in each, 6 "behind screen" big speakers, with 2 amps driving each speaker, a pre-amp signal processor for audio and video costing 35L (I sh*t you not) each. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember the scenes I saw. I could hear the bullets moving from the screen to behind me (atmos?), I could hear a lot more stuff that I missed with the earlier set ups, the display was beyond compare, etc. etc. Cost of entire set up: again, I sh*t you not, 6cr. After looking at this screen, when I went back to the TV, I could see how the TV was so over saturated. A few points: They didn't have any consoles plugged in anywhere, which was weird TATA Sky sound is just so damn inferior. Even live sports didn't sound great The scene I referenced multiple times was The Book Of Eli scene where Denzel is all that and shoots off Gary Oldman's leg with a shotgun. I have not seen that movie, and boy is that scene boss Marvel movies, specially Avengers had the worst sound. Obviously, we decided on a level 1 modified system for my place. They also provide automation and full integration of lighting etc. in the room with app control. The only thing missing was Siri integration, rest of it worked pretty well.
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    What else is there on Xbone to be excited about?
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    Bad game. Just boring. Even with friends, it gets tedious and boring couple hours. Story/campaign - there is none. Character creation - given it's an online game, I expected some cool character creation with nice customization but here we have nothing. All you get is some randomly generated pirates to choose one. It doesn't matter what you choose. Attributes/skills - there are none. Visuals - great water. Looks nice overall too. Gameplay - eh. Very simplistic. Easy to pick up. Content - basically nothing for $60. The game has only 2 ships. Small and big. You can choose either one and set sailing. Sail and sail and sail to different places which seem to be randomly generated and some of them have nothing but few rocks and chickens running around and barrels full of bananas and planks. Oh, and water has a shark at times. So there is a threat. Some islands have skeletons and their bosses who take more than 2 hits to die. Well...that's it. Rinse and repeat. And unlock skins which cost an absurd amount. (good luck unlocking these with your 50 coins reward) Don't really understand the hype. The game lacks content and should be sold for $60. Let alone $40 when other games which are miles better and offers way more content. Vermintide 2 for example. I also don't know what were they doing since E3 2015 reveal. More than 3 years. The game is basically just that. Even from a baseline graphics level, it looks like they had a lot of the underlying systems in place (the art looks near identical, the dynamic water system is in place.) From a gameplay perspective, you've got the same galleon as at release, with sail adjustment mechanics and everything. What changed exactly? The whole thing is sort of some mock-up idea of what a pirate set sail game could be. As for the loot, again, don't get how you can make a game about literally searching for loot chests without meaningful loot in them. Chests are meaningless. They learned nothing about exploring. There is nothing to explore in this game. Everyones have been telling that they left most of the features out of the BETA but now that the game is launched I don't see anything new except some outfits. The whole thing reeks scam and massive promotion to push Xbox Pass since they know people wouldn't pay $60 for this crap. A massive disappoint as expected. Sort of like No Man's Sky. The gameplay loop is boring. Shallow boat and foot combat and completing activities I couldn't give damn about cosmetics so there really isn't much of a point. Even $15 game like Blackwake offers better except for visuals. Do yourself a favour and avoid. Just a massive waste of time.
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    Regarding the opening. Minor details below
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    That's not how rules work. Alt is against the rules. Second, he was also an arse to staff and deliberately pushed them to make him ban. If his intention was to never leave, why disturb the forum peace? No one asked him to leave in first place. He brought everything on himself.
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    Check my video of beating him. Here i am the dumb one not him. You will get confidence from this video What? What? Please tell you are joking. There is no way this is true
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    OK, so I finished the demo yesterday and my God the performance is absolutely horrible on the base PS4, not to mention the image quality. I can see that they have definitely beefed up on the visuals from the previous titles, but the optimization is just horrible. The frame rate drops and tearing were really annoying, especially from a silky smooth 60 frames on Yakuza 0, this really feels like a big hit. I feel like this engine would have vastly benefited if it was let loose on the PC. I mean the options are just limitless on the PC and it would have been great to watch the action unfold in glorious 60fps, but such is the state of this series for now. Anyway, I didn't want to play too much as I could already feel a complete disconnect from the storyline seeing as how I literally only knew Kiryu and Majima. It's evident that you'll need some knowledge of the previous games to piece together the character arcs, the intro cutscene was a clear evidence of that. The combat system seemed more fluid with no waiting time during the on-street battles. The screen turns blue, you get the standard "thugs" display and boom, you're in the battle instantly. The move-sets felt right at home with Yakuza 0. That's a good thing. I was only able to visit a Karaoke bar and it seems you have to pay to extend the session in there, once you're done singing the first round. Everything else seemed to be barred in the demo (or may be I didn't look hard enough). I'm holding off on the purchase till I complete Kiwami & Kiwami 2. I really want to play the remaining games too (3,4 & 5), but alas my PS3 is dead.
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    I hope I get laid with Margot Robbie.
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    You underestimate the power of porn
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